Dry Brushing: The Skin Care Step Your Routine Is Missing

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If you’ve been to the spa, you’ve probably seen a section with a soft, firm bristle brush. They are not suitable for your hair! These usually wooden brushes are for your skin (including your face). Glazing one of these wooden brushes on the skin is a process called dry brushing, which is said to relieve a lot of pain.

“We recommend dry brushing because it’s a very quick, affordable and easy way to promote optimal skin and promote circulation while reducing the appearance of cellulite.” ELEMIS Annette King, Vice President of Global Education. “It helps your body penetrate oils and products and helps clean up waste, salt and toxins.”

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How to dry the brush

The best time to dry the brush is the morning before taking a shower, energizing the system and awakening the body and mind. “Start from the soles of your feet and move upwards to your feet. [if cellulite is of concern, give that area a little extra love]”The celebrity beautician says Gina Mari.. “Once you get to your stomach, start moving the brush in a circular motion. Then brush your arms in a circular motion toward your chest. You can also brush your neck from back to front. increase.”

Apply the brush flat to your skin and brush firmly with a long stroke. You may want to soothe your skin by stroking it with your hands, as the brushes can leave a tingling sensation. However, be careful not to apply excessive pressure to the brush. Don’t feel the pain. Pain causes damage and redness. It is important not to dry the brush, as it can damage the bristles of the brush during the shower or when the skin is damp. Mary Colin, Spa Supervisor Ashford CastleAlso recommended to use Tea tree spray or disinfectant spray to remove dead skin cells after use. The entire drive rushing process takes a couple of minutes.

Not just your body

Most people think of dry brushing as a physical exercise, but it’s actually something you can do on your face. It’s a good idea to use cleavage again, but this time we’ll start with decorate, go up to the forehead, and then back down. Applying a dry brush to your face will help your skin care products penetrate your skin. That is, after doing that Anti-ager When Moisturizer.. And don’t forget to use the same brush on your face that you do on your body! Apart from the possibility of causing breakouts, it is advisable to use a slightly soft brush on the face.

And before you get stressed about your already busy schedule, dry brushing isn’t something you have to do every day to benefit! In fact, it is advisable to start practicing this treatment sparingly. “Dry brushing is a type of exfoliation, so it’s usually a good idea to start it once a week and slowly (up to daily) increase it so that your skin can tolerate it. For most people, daily brushing is a good idea. It’s too much, and one to three times a week is enough. ” RealSelf contributor Dr. Sejal Shah..

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However, while consistent results are needed, increased blood flow makes the skin softer and smoother. Over time, your skin should become smoother, more moisturized and firmer. Many people also claim that this practice helps their digestion.

Drive rushing is not for everyone

However, it is not suitable for everyone. People with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis should avoid this habit, or at least avoid the affected area.Cynthia King, Master Massage Therapist Saber SpaPregnant women, as well as those with open wounds, broken skin, damaged or thinned skin, or weak, sick, or elderly people, should be especially careful. He adds that it is necessary. “In addition, for sensitive skin that is prone to flare, it is important to note that dry brushing can cause skin irritation and excessive dryness,” says Shah. “Also, in your teens and early twenties, the outer layers of your skin will automatically flip over, so you won’t need the additional exfoliation provided by dry brushing.”

Choose the right dry brush

After trying drive lashing, you need to choose the right brush. Many dry brushes don’t have handles, but in practice, choosing one with a long handle often feels better with a longer handle, as it’s easier to reach hard-to-find places. .. “It’s a good idea to get one of the two body brushes. ELEMIS When VOYA“Coyne says. “Both brushes have natural cactus bristles and tend to be the most popular type of brush. ELEMIS body brushes have removable sticks to reach more difficult areas of the body It’s very convenient. “

If you’re planning a head-to-toe drive lashing, keep in mind that you’ll need two brushes. If you’re concerned about sensitivity, Shah recommends starting with a washcloth and moving towards a stiffer one when you’re getting the desired effect.

Benefits of drive lashing

Like exfoliating skin, many of the benefits of dry brushing have been proven, but not all claims surrounding this Ayurvedic-inspired practice are supported. “Dry brushing has an aspect of massage, which can temporarily increase blood flow and circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system,” says Shah. “But when it comes to removing toxins from the body, the body has its own efficient system in which the liver plays a major role, and there is no evidence that dry brushing affects this process.”

Keep in mind that dry brushing is likely to help cellulite more in the short term than in tubes and bottles, but the only long-term way to get rid of these nasty lumps and bumps is to build. It’s also important to lift the muscles underneath the adipose tissue (yes, that means doing a rush and squat).

Dry Brushing: A skin care step that lacks your routine

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