Fire Drill Friday: With Fonda and Field

Enough words of “f” were spit out to fill the soccer field. “Fossil fuels must go,” shouted Jane Fonda, Sally Field, and dozens of other peaceful protesters all at once on a rainy day on the grass in the southeastern US capital on Friday, December 13. .. But perhaps the most memorable f-word is this four-letter word – FIRE – like the name of this weekly demonstration to save the planet, FIRE DRILL FRIDAYS. Greta ThunbergA September 2019 speech at the World Economic Forum when she said “our home is on fire”.

And really, it wasn’t Friday the 13thth Is it the best day to protest together? The day when Frigga, the goddess of love and fertility, was named a witch and was rooted in medieval witchcraft exiled to the summit. Every Friday, she met 11 other witches and the devil herself (13 in total) and was believed to plan horrific things that would happen in the coming weeks. But does the Goddess of Love really want to do something horrible to others? Talk about “witch hunting”.

And just as it is illogical that dozens of protesters must meet this and every Friday to protect our planet, the planet that feeds and houses all of us. I thought. But with the US capital in the background, that’s exactly what needs to be done, Policy and invoice Under the Trump administration’s claim that climate change is a “hoax,” it was recently handed over to further damage our planet. And, as Jane Fonda said, the climate crisis is not an isolated issue, so it was equally clear that even falling rain could not extinguish a fire of this magnitude. “It includes every part of our economy and society.”

Jane Fonda addresses peaceful protesters

Founder and Organizer as Fonda Fire drill fridayStanding on the stage just above the poster, displaying an army of intercultural women and men, Good work for a green future, She started this day in September 2019, where scientists, movement leaders, experts, activists, indigenous leaders, community members, and young people get together to share stories and take action. We talked about just one of the many demos we request. Face climate change before it’s too late. In addition, to fully explain the relationship between this topic and the climate crisis, she hosted a livestream “Teach-in” with a panel of experts every Thursday night before the demo to the general public. Allows you to participate virtually.

“Our climate is at stake,” Fonda continued, standing under an umbrella in a long red coat with a black and white houndstooth hat. “Scientists are crying out urgent warnings. It has been more than a decade to take bold and ambitious action to move our economy from fossil fuels to clean and renewable energies. We need a green new deal to mobilize all sectors of government and the economy to tackle the overlapping crises of variability, inequality and structural racial discrimination at the scale and speed that communities need. For people and colored communities working at the forefront of climate disasters and fossil fuel exploitation, creating union jobs that need and deserve a world beyond fuel, while sustaining millions of families. Prioritize justice and equality, so no one leaves a clean energy conversion behind. “

Sally Field speaks on the podium.

After that, the famous actress and activist Sally Field was on the podium. “I’m a mother. I’m a grandmother. Now is the time,” the actress told protesters. “We can’t sit in the comfort zone or on the couch and wonder what we can do. You can get out. You can do anything in the rain. Whatever you need,” she adds. rice field. “This could actually be happening. We now need to get out of the comfort zone!”

Then, as protesters and journalists stepped off the stage and walked across the muddy field behind the banner labeled “WE DEMAND A GREEN NEW DEAL” in front of the Capital Steps, chasing Fonda and the field. rice field. Looking back, I turned to the Capitol, which was lined with walls of 20 police officers who decided to stop the protesters. “Don’t they know we’re marching for them too?” I thought.

Police officer guards US Capitol

When everyone arrived at the stairs and stood in resistance, police officers shouted in a loud speaker that they would be “arrested” if the demonstrators were not disbanded. And every time, the protesters shouted even louder. “Hey, hey, fossil fuels have to go!” Drowns the warning.

In total, 26 people, including Sally Field, were arrested for demonstrations charged with congestion and obstruction of justice. But they’ll be back again … next Friday, then Friday, and then Friday. As Fonda said, and everyone who stands in solidarity “must act now to save the planet from the irreversible catastrophe.”

Greta Thunberg reportedly said at the World Economic Forum earlier this year, “I want you to feel the horror I feel every day.”

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