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Freddie Highmore says he was forced to sweep to avoid TV host

CelebritiesFreddie Highmore says he was forced to sweep to avoid TV host

The experience can rival a stay at the Bates Motel.

freddie highmore Recently recalled a bizarre moment backstage at an unspecified talk show where he said he was put inside a broom closet to avoid interacting with the host.

Freddie said in an appearance on 17 April, “I’m trying to avoid saying names, but it’s not like the host sees the guests in advance.” jimmy kimmel live, “So I was coming backstage with some of the producers and they looked up and they saw the host at the end of the aisle and they were really scared.”

The producer’s response was to hide Freddy as quickly as possible, wherever possible.

“They grabbed me and they threw me into the next door which was right across the hallway,” good doctor Starr said, “And it was a broom closet—a dark broom closet.”

Freddy didn’t have to wait long with the broomstick, but it certainly left a lasting impression.

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