From the Executive Director: Welcome to our New Website!

Over the past year, Women’s eNews has been strategically working on ways to deliver even more compelling, cutting-edge content to its readers. This has culminated in many new initiatives that empower readers and enhance the vitality of editorial content. Therefore, we are very pleased to announce that Women’s eNews has launched a new website to serve our subscribers and readers more effectively.We made it easier to navigate our website and make our latest stand out Top story When Special seriesLaunched a new section dedicated to publishing your Article / commentary!

By becoming VIP guest member, Articles / commentaries submitted will be reviewed by NY Times best-selling authors and award-winning journalists. Not only will you receive professional feedback on each post, but all published articles will participate in the annual Guest Writer Contest.

Women’s eNews also launched a new series, Indigenous female leaders say, In June. This series includes interviews with indigenous women leaders by indigenous women journalists in the United States and Canada to discuss the most urgent issues affecting the community. Not only will this series be published on our website, but it will also bring together more than 75,000 Facebook and Twitter followers from Women’s eNews. This series of audio and video podcasts will be broadcast on all major podcast platforms, including Google, Spotify, Apple and YouTube. !! !!

And last but not least, of course, the annual “21 leaders of the 21st century” Award gala Tuesday, October 19 From 7 pm (EST).This will be a “hybrid” event consisting of virtual programming plus An intimate face-to-face outdoor event in New York City (details coming soon).

Women’s eNews welcomes your participation as we celebrate our 30th anniversary. Global news organization only Provides news, trends and analysis on the most important issues affecting women and girls around the world!


Dr. Lori Sokol, Executive Director

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