Gigi Hadid Donating Fashion Week Earnings to Ukraine and Palestine

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Gigi Hadid To help the people of Ukraine and Palestine, we donate all the income we earned by walking Fashion Week. In a statement posted on her Instagram, Gigi explains: We can’t manage most work schedules, but we want to walk for something.Follow in the footsteps of my friend @ micarganaraz, I pledge to use the proceeds of the fall 2022 show to help those who are suffering from the war in Ukraine and to those who are experiencing the same thing in Palestine. “

Gigi added: “Our eyes and hearts need to be open to the injustices of all human beings. All of us see each other as brothers and sisters, transcending politics, transcending race, transcending religion. After all, innocent life pays the price of war, not a leader. Let go of Ukraine. Let go of Palestine. Peace. Peace. Peace. 🕊 “

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Gigi’s post is in the midst of several other public figures raising funds to support Ukraine, including Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher. Fundraising Matched $ 3 million in my money. As they said, “While we are witnessing the bravery of the Ukrainians, we are also witnessing the unimaginable burden of those who choose safety. Countless people know. They are leaving everything they love and want to evacuate. These Ukrainian refugees need immediate housing and supplies, just what they can carry. “

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