Gigi Hadid Has Platinum Blonde Hair and Looks So Different

Gigi Hadid finished Fashion Month with one of the most dramatic hair changes to date. Her model became a platinum blonde. This is her lightest hair ever. Hadid spent most of 2021 as a redhead, and in November she switched to her more golden blonde. Her natural hair color in her Hadid is a darker blonde.

She is now platinum:

TYJA, ROAD20Back grid

And this is Hadid in front of Barbie’s blonde hair, red hair, and her signature dirty blonde hair:

Gigi Hadid with Barbie Blonde Hair
Gigi Hadid with Barbie Blonde Hair.

Andreas LenzGetty Images

Gigi Hadid with her red hair
Gigi Hadid with red hair.

Gilbert KarasquiloGetty Images

Gigi Hadid and her dark blonde hair
Gigi Hadid with dark blonde hair.

Pascal le SegretenGetty Images

Hadid’s hair changes occur after the model announces that it will donate all of her runway proceeds to help those suffering from the war in Ukraine and the Israel-Palestine crisis. (Haddid’s father is a Palestinian refugee as a model himself Explained in a statement this week. “The refugee crisis is a refugee crisis,” she writes. “I will donate to UNICEF in a war-torn country.”)

“The fact that we have a fashion month schedule means that my colleagues and I often present new fashion collections during painful and traumatic times in history,” Hadid said on Instagram. I am writing in. “We can’t manage most work schedules, but we want to walk for something. Follow in the footsteps of our friend @micarganaraz and donate the proceeds of the fall 2022 show to the war in Ukraine. We pledge to help those who suffer from and continue to help those who are experiencing the same thing in Ukraine. Our eyes and hearts must be open to the unfairness of all human beings. May all of us see each other as brothers and sisters, transcending politics, transcending race, transcending religion. After all, innocent life is the price of war and a leader. It’s not the price of. Let go of Ukraine. Let go of Palestine. Peace. Peace. Peace. 🕊 “

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