Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Hailey Bieber faces “saddest, most difficult” moments in 2023

CelebritiesHailey Bieber faces "saddest, most difficult" moments in 2023

Hailey Bieber Sharing a personal message on my recent struggles.

The model started an honest conversation with her Instagram followers on April 20 by posting a video of an animated cat dancing and saying, “This is how I’m feeling after the last month and a half.” She then got real with her followers about how she’s doing.

“I love to joke about how I’m feeling because sometimes it’s easier to admit that I’m having a hard time,” Hailey wrote in a follow-up Instagram Stories post. “But to be honest since the start of 2023 I have had some of the saddest, most difficult moments I have ever seen in my adult life and my mind and emotions have been fragile to say the least..”

Knowing others can relate, the Rode skincare mogul added, “And I know a lot of other people feel the way I do, so just know you’re not alone.”

He then encouraged his followers to support each other. “That being said, let’s be there for each other,” she concluded. “Let’s be there for loved ones and friends and family and strangers. Let’s just be there for people.. keep looking out for each other even when it’s hard. We’re better together.”

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