Hailey Bieber Hospitalized After Suffering Blood Clot to Brain

After being hospitalized suffering from “stroke-like symptoms” earlier this week, Hailey Beaver has returned home and is on track.

TMZ Breaking the story on Saturday morning, the 25-year-old model reported that he was admitted to a hospital in the Palm Springs area earlier in the week as a result of “influencing her movements” and “medical emergencies,” “much more. With “symptoms typical of the elderly”.

Sources close to Haley reportedly TMZ Her doctor thought the condition could be related to COVID. Haley’s husband, Justin Bieber, recently tested positive for COVID, resulting in postponement of her concert in Las Vegas. It’s not clear if Haley was also positive for the virus, Studies show that COVID-19 can cause blood clots that damage the brain..

A few hours later, Haley shared her personal updates on her fears of health in her Instagram Story post.

“I was sitting at breakfast with my husband when I was taken to the hospital on Thursday morning when I started to have stroke-like symptoms. They had a very small blood clot in my brain and oxygen was I noticed a bit of a shortage. My body naturally passed through it and I was fully recovered within a few hours, “she said in a Notes app message shared on her IG story. I am writing. “This was arguably one of the scariest moments I’ve ever had, but I’m fine now at home. I’m very grateful to all the wonderful doctors and nurses who took care of me. Thank you. We wish you all the best of luck and thank you for your support and patronage.-Haley. “


according to TMZIn the first report of Haley, Haley’s doctor is still working to identify the cause of the blood clot.

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