Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Hailey Bieber just shared the juicy details behind her glowing donut skin

CelebritiesHailey Bieber just shared the juicy details behind her glowing donut skin

Her biggest beauty rule is that she never leaves the house without applying SPF, her current favorite is Krav Beauty’s Beat the Sun. And as far as Hailey’s nighttime routine goes, it’s very similar to her morning routine. The only difference is that she cleanses twice, first by using an oil-based cleanser and then regularly.

“I’m currently testing out a lot of cleansers,” the model teased at the upcoming Rode Beauty launch. “We’ve been trying to develop our cleansers. I really like something that’s giving you a good cleanse, but that’s really gentle and not dehydrating because my skin is so sensitive.”

This extra layer of care and attention is important to Haley, who said a lot of thought goes into creating products for her range.

“I’m building this brand for the people,” she said. “It’s a relationship. Even with the Peptide Glazing Fluid, I think people are really liking it and gravitating towards it because I’m the type of person where I’ve always wanted to go with makeup.” Enjoyed the mix of skincare.”

She continued, “I really love making things that feel multifunctional and multi-purpose.”

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