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Henry Winkler reveals shocking ending

CelebritiesHenry Winkler reveals shocking ending

a surprising ending. henry winkler revealed he was surprised by the series finale Barrywhich is currently airing its final season on HBO.

“When I read the last script, I actually had to pull my jaw back up to my mouth. I’m telling you, it’s amazing,” the 77-year-old Emmy Award winner exclusively said us weekly Promoting its partnership with Apelis to raise awareness of Geographic Atrophy (GA).

“I don’t know how the fans will [feel after the finale]I feel sad because I love those people — and I didn’t even get to act with most of them,” he said, noting how different his story is from others on the show.

Henry Winkler teases 'Barry' series finale: 'I had to pull my jaw up to my mouth'

Henry Winkler. Rob Latour / shutterstock

Winkler plays opposite acting teacher Jean Cousineau. bill haderBarry, a hitman who joins Jean’s class since the series premiere in 2018. Hader, 44, created and directed the final season of the acclaimed series, and happy Days Elam said he would miss working with the leading man.

“He’s the producer. He’s one of the writers. He’s the director – he directed all eight episodes this year. And he’s my acting partner. We have an untold connection and I will miss him.” We, “I’ll miss going to work. I’ll miss seeing the crew that took care of me for so many years. We’ve been doing this since 2016, and then the pandemic hit. It was a big break. So I’m so grateful that I was invited in that outfit.

The New York native hopes she and Hader work together again.

“His career is going to be pretty solid. I have nothing to say to him — only to remember that I’m a SAG actor. I have my [union] card,” Winkler quipped. “Because he’s going on to great things. You know, he wanted to be a director from the beginning, and Saturday Night Live was kind of a side trip, and now he’s back on track.

Grateful for Winkler’s success Barry, and he explained that he is happy that he can use his platform as a celebrity to spread awareness for important causes. She teamed up with Apelis after her late father-in-law, Dr. Edward Furstmann, was diagnosed with GA, an advanced form of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and a leading cause of blindness.

“When I married my wife, stacy [Weitzman in 1978]I was lucky enough to get an incredible father-in-law as a gift,” Winkler told us. “Ed was tall, [had a] Mustache, [was] a friendly, funny [man], He was an extraordinary dentist. Then, he became my dentist, and I knew I was in good hands. Of course, he worked in a very small space. I saw AMD start to enter her life, and when that happens to someone that you love, that you enjoy, not only do you feel bad for that person, but it affects you. There is a wake-up call.

He continued, “So seeing Ed through AMD is why I partnered with Apelis to just get the word out: Go to your eye doctor. Don’t wait. You don’t feel anything when aging macular degeneration starts.” All of a sudden your vision changes and then it can progress. It can progress to an even more serious condition, which is geographic atrophy. There’s a great website called GA Won’t Wait, and I say GAWontWait Go to .com, and you’ll find a tremendous amount of research and resources out there.”

Barry airs on HBO Sundays at 10 p.m. ET.

Reporting by Cristina Garibaldi

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