Hey Texas Dads: It’s Time to Get NIPPed

Like many pro-choice women, my stomach had a knot recently Texas Regulations Outlawing an abortion after a “heartbeat” is a time when many women do not even know they are pregnant and are usually detectable at 6 weeks of gestation.

Bold by two new Supreme Court Catholic Judge (Currently, six of the nine judges are Roman Catholics), the state has passed a law aimed directly at overturning the Roe v. Wade case. The bold arrival of these new laws shows that anti-choice leaders believe their time has finally come.

Texas law is ominously clever in an attempt to fend off previous obstacles to the enforcement of abortion restrictions. Why should police nuisance regulate abortion when citizens can be empowered to file civil proceedings against those who somehow facilitate the procedure? As stipulated by new Texas law All citizens are in a position to sue those involved in post-heartbeat abortion – Anyone can be sued by your doctor, building keeper, or bus driver who guides a woman to a stop near the clinic.

Successful plaintiffs receive a minimum payment of $ 10,00 and cover all legal costs, but defendants must cover their legal costs, even if they win the proceedings. And if you do not protect yourself from these (potentially unlimited) proceedings, you will automatically be convicted. And in case you’re wondering — no, there are no exceptions to rape and incest.

If Roe capsizes (overtly or simply effectively, as in the new Texas legislation), the lives of women of childbearing age will change dramatically. Three generations of women have become sexually mature, with the power to control their bodies and choose when or when to give birth. This is not an easily revocable right-it is deeply embedded in the sexual arrival of millions and millions of American women.

I suggest ways to address serious gender inequality in Texas law (and other laws that are certain to follow) and help protect and care for all soon-to-be-born unwanted children. I think that I want to do it. A new era in human history.Science has developed the ability to make safe and reliable decisions shortly after conception Paternity In the case of a fetus, it is as early as 7 weeks after the egg is fertilized. It is a thing of the past that our abortion debate reflects this reality.

The main basic principles of most societies and legal systems are rooted in the notion that fathers are never definitively proven, and therefore women’s sexuality must be tightly controlled.How to determine paternity in the last half century or so rear Births have developed, but they are still cumbersome and too often require women to seek accountability through lawyers, courts, and unwilling men.

In the past, all Legal and ethical (and economic and physical) considerations apply exclusively to pregnant women, as abortion occurred before genetic paternity was established. Great news: It’s over at that time!

The Non-invasive prenatal paternity testing (NIPP) Nothing is easier than this. A few weeks after conception, a drop of mother’s blood and a cotton swab on a potential father’s simple cheek. Sure, potential father candidates will have to withstand the invasive q-tip that gently grazes the inside of the mouth, but often cannot be raised by women and forced to give birth to unwanted children. It’s not that much because I’m preparing to do it. When the embryo reaches 7 weeks gestation (only 1 week after the abortion is outlawed), the father can be identified and quickly registered with the government. The NIPP test could also be conveniently performed at a DMV or post office, and parents named it based on any concept. It’s a cheap and easy (and 99.9% accurate) way to instantly force both potential parents to take responsibility for sex.

Follow me through this thought experiment: what the world will look like when the future father has immediate equal responsibilities Any Pregnancy, how fast, feasible, undesired, or gratefully welcomed? You can now do this. We have the technology. If we are serious about enacting the birth of all fetuses, we must at the same time hold the father equally responsible at all stages of pregnancy and life.Science has given us what we can see as a great moral leap-now let’s decide and take responsibility for women. When A man responsible for all fertilized human eggs!

The fetus can then guarantee legal and social benefits such as inheritance from the father and social security. They can know their father’s medical history and can be covered by future father’s health insurance, regardless of their marriage history. We can ensure that all fetuses have male and female parents needed to provide them throughout adulthood. Imagine the money the government can save to help single mothers and their children!

There is no need to burden the police with enforcement. A Texas creative idea could empower the volunteer brigades of the citizens involved to (gentlely) wipe the cheeks of non-compliant men suspected of producing embryos (sign up – want to be a good citizen). !). And anyone can sue future fathers for child support. Alternatively, perhaps a simpler solution is to keep a DNA record of all newborns and ensure that they are equally responsible for the lives created by women who may become pregnant in the future. It’s that easy!

When a woman is required to give birth by the country, it is morally, socially and economically essential that the man be equally and legally bound by the process from the beginning. This was simply not possible in all of human history. And now! Isn’t science great? !!

Most people speculate that they will be in reaction to ideas such as forced paternity testing, large-scale government overshoots, and the use of civilian executors, but there are moral reasons to counter this proposal. Or what is a religious doctrine)? If all post-heartbeat fetuses have a new moral status and a woman needs to give birth, then all fathers must be equally detained by the state.

For me, the thought experiment shows the basic facts of abortion – it is ultimately a woman’s moral choice. Since pregnancy develops within her body (although a man’s contribution is also responsible), the child’s choice of childbirth is a very personal gift to her body. The decision to give birth is her moral burden. For those who face an unwanted or infeasible pregnancy, it is a true life-and-death decision and a great responsibility that weighs heavily on women in difficult situations. But until childbirth, the moral and physical burden lies only on women. If our society is serious about removing that responsibility from pregnant women, why should men not be equally accountable from conception?

If the government can demand that a woman having sex give birth, then certainly the government can demand that a man having sex wipe her cheeks. And both responsible are responsible for raising all embryos to adulthood, six weeks after every pregnancy.

* Author’s Note: There is no heart in 6 weeks – there is detectable electrical activity in the cells that eventually become the heart.

About the author: Teresa Stack is an essayist, multimedia producer, Nation Magazine (1998-2016).

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