How Coconut Oil Benefits Your Skin and Hair, According to Experts

He also says that you can use any soap you have, but it is not recommended to use too much scented soap as it can leave a strong scent on the brush. If you want to clean the brush in one step, Cinema Secret All Natural Brush Soap A good coconut oil based option.

7. Lip balm

“The fat composition of coconut oil helps to replenish lost or lost ingredients that lead to dry, cracked lip skin.” Adam FriedmanMD, Washington, DC Board Certified Dermatologist It’s Lip balm.. “It creates a thin but effective barrier that does not contain water or irritants.”

Coconut oil is also an ideal remedy Cracked lips As it is semi-solid at room temperature, it is less cluttered than other oils. Pack a little in a miniature jar to smooth your lips all day long. If you want to use a lip balm with wonder ingredients, Kiehl’s Butter Stick Lip Treatment SPF30 When Rano Lips 1010 Coco Nutter Ointment Both are worth trying.

8. Dandruff treatment

“Because of its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, coconut oil can help with seborrheic dermatitis, also known as dandruff,” says Dr. Friedman. Effective treatment For a scalp-shaped scalp, it’s definitely No I’m going to grow your hair. “There is no evidence that it stimulates hair growth,” he says.

Try to stop the flakes with coconut oil every night. Lightly apply to the base and massage with your fingertips in a circular motion. Dandruff does not go away, but it helps soften the flakes and makes them easier to shed when flushing the oil in the morning.

9. Deodorant

Yes, you can actually use coconut oil to prevent body odor and other odors. “Given that bacteria are the cause of odors, the unique antibacterial properties of coconuts help reduce odors. Needless to say, most people love coconut odors, so this is a good alternative to deodorants. That’s what he says. Finney.

If you don’t like applying straight coconut oil to your pits, try a natural deodorant with coconut oil as an ingredient. Coconut oil deodorant from Copal teeth Best of beauty Winner, and Mother Dart There is an option scented with lemongrass oil.

10. Cuticle oil

Did you get a cracked cuticle? Coconut oil may help. “When the cuticle dries and cracks, our nails actually become brittle and can become dystrophy,” says Dr. Finney. “You can easily repair it by applying coconut oil to the cuticle.”

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