How Scott Disick Feels About Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker in March 2022

More than three months after Travis Barker proposed to Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick, the father of three children under Kardashian, has not fully participated in her marriage. Hmm.Source spoke Entertainment Tonight They are co-parenting about the relationship between Disic and Kardashian Mason, 12 years old, Penelope, 9 years old, reign, 7 years old.

“Scott and Courtney’s co-parenting routine was very balanced and things were heartfelt among them,” sources said. “He doesn’t fully agree with Courtney’s relationship with Travis, but he’s definitely warming up to accept the fact that Courtney is married to Travis. There are moments of jealousy and hostility, At the end of the day, he wants her to be happy. “

Sources added that Disic is “healthier than ever” and focuses on children. “Scott is dating right now, but he wants to find something serious in the long run,” Source added.

Disic has made some progress since October, but has been hurt for months.At that time, the sauce Said people The dischic said, “I’m not happy with my engagement. Scott never approved Courtney to date Travis. He’s suffering from their relationship. He’s always that he and Courtney finally end up. I had this idea that I would be back with him. He was quite shocked when he learned that she was dating Travis. “

Source of information in late December Said people The Disic was “still very angry” about Kardashian’s marriage to Barker. “He’s doing his best, but it was a very difficult time for him,” sources said. “He’s looking for support right now.”

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