How to be a bad guy with constellations, astrology style guides

Strap-in: We celebrate Black History Month and date back to the 90’s.I’m sure you ever know what villain teeth. Often, the villains associated with the villain’s archetype are feminine beings who choose to emphasize and emphasize the characteristics of women.

The Buddy aesthetics It became popular in the 2010s, but before that, the original villain was called the “Ghetto Fabulous” and was a lifestyle expression that originated in the poor African-Americans in the 1990s. In short, the ghetto’s awesome aesthetic taught modern bad guys that they might not be able to afford Chanel lipstick, but it still rocks the $ 4 cosmetology lip liner to give it a luxurious luster. can do.

Being a bad guy means being a guarantor and a person who acts with self-esteem, regardless of your physical property.

The reasons why each constellation signs the bad guys are:


Buddy National Anthem: “Shake It Off“Mariah Carey

Manicure color: Erat

Fashion muse: Halle Bailey

Best feature: eyebrows

Protagonist Mantra: “I am that queen. “

What makes you a bad guy: You are a bad guy just because you insist on it. You can’t convince Aries about who they are or not. You essentially believe you are a shortper. Once you adopt that faith in yourself, there is no limit to what you can do.


Buddy National Anthem: “”I“Yung Baby Tate (ft. FloMilli)

Manicure color: Good intentions

Fashion muse: Lizzo

Best feature: lips

Protagonist Mantra: “I have what I need to succeed.”

What makes you a bad guy: Taurus is a bad guy because they can get it done with what they have and accept who they are. When Taurus determines that it is capable, magic begins to occur. Creativity and faith in yourself take the bad guys in Taurus to new heights.


Buddy National Anthem: “”If I rule the world (imagine)“Mr. Lauryn Hill and Mr. Nas

Manicure color: Cairo cab ride

Fashion muse: Naomi Campbell

Best feature: Linguistically talented

Protagonist Mantra: “I think, therefore I am”

What makes you a bad guy: Gemini villains are defined by their ingenuity and creativity. Gemini has creative intelligence and can think outside the box. You are always looking for new ideas and stumbling.


Buddy National Anthem: “tempo“Lizzo (ft. Missy Elliot)

Manicure color: Without hesitation

Fashion muse: Chloe Bailey

Best feature: chest

Protagonist Mantra: “I think, therefore I am.”

What makes you a bad guy: Cancer is a bad guy because they know their limits. You don’t want to be shy too far from your comfort zone (unless it makes sense). You stand out because you care about your energy. Worst cancers know they are inherently worth it. The behavior of your bad guys makes sure you look good and feel good!


Buddy National Anthem: “”milkshake“Kelis

Manicure color: worth it

Fashion muse: Megan Markle

Best feature: hair

Protagonist Mantra: “I do, yes.”

What makes you a bad guy: Leo has a reputation for being literally an “it girl.” After all, why couldn’t Leo stand out and shine when it was near the sun? Making you a bad guy is the way you practice your aesthetics. You can’t perform in a shy manner. Leo has the energy of the bad guys because they chose to do so.


Buddy National Anthem: “”Independent woman, Pt. 1“Destiny’s Child

Manicure color: Ijama

Fashion muse: Beyonce

Best feature: stomach

Protagonist Mantra: “Analyze and achieve. “

What makes you a bad guy: Virgo is a bad guy because he knows how to put together his costumes. Quickly recognize errors, defects and hair loss. You are a master analyzer and you have to kill when it comes to making efforts. Embarrassment is not an option.


Buddy National Anthem: “I’m not a woman, I’m a god“By Halsey

Manicure color: Mixco

Fashion muse: Cardi B

Best feature: style

Protagonist Mantra: “Through balance, I perceive reality. “

What makes you a bad guy: There are too many examples of Libra revealing that they are the The bad guys of the zodiac. Elegance, elegance, and style all derive from this constellation. You care so much about balance, so it’s your personal quest to make everything you do look beautiful.


Buddy National Anthem: “”9“WILLOW (ft. SZA)

Manicure color: Previous column

Fashion muse: Willow Smith

Best feature: Eye

Protagonist Mantra: “I want it, so I reveal it.”

What makes you a bad guy: You are a bad guy because of a fascinating and mysterious aura. Scorpio is not whiplashing mascara for everyone. Seriously, getting off can be painful. If I had the chance to see the splendor of Scorpio, I felt that Scorpio was perceived.


Buddy National Anthem: “Chun-Li “Nicki Minaj

Manicure color: Nightfade, morning haze

Fashion muse: Janelle Monáe

Best feature: Thighs and legs

Protagonist Mantra: “Well, that’s why I study. “

What makes you a bad guy: Sagittarius is a bad guy because he doesn’t apologize. Confidence turns out to be as easy as accepting, so you roam the place as if you own it. You have decided to accept your position in life and enjoy your role.


Buddy National Anthem: “Just fine“Mary J. Blige

Manicure color: Run the world

Fashion muse: Michelle Obama

Best feature: smile

Protagonist Mantra: “I am convenient and provide value.”

What makes you a bad guy: Capricorn is a villain because he is a boss. Capricorn is trying to ensure that they are offered. You are proud of your goals and aspirations. It doesn’t come without great effort, and you don’t hesitate to do it.


Buddy National Anthem: “”Flamin hot water bottle“Megan Thee Stallion

Manicure color: Chic dip & others

Fashion muse: Kerry Washington

Best feature: skin

Protagonist Mantra: “I know enough to keep my pace.”

What makes you a bad guy: Aquarius villains are unique because they tend to deviate from the norm. If the crowd goes to the left, you strategically go to the right and set a new trend. You are a natural observer. In other words, it prospers as a bad guy because it cooks what is already served with spices.


Buddy National Anthem: “”pour it up“Rihanna

Manicure color: Capri Madonna

Fashion muse: Jhené Aiko

Best feature: Feet

Protagonist Mantra: “I have faith and a backup plan. “

What makes you a bad guy: Pisces is a spiritual villain known for his transformation and compassion. With artistic talent and endless imagination, you explore bold and breathtaking styles. The Pisces villain is a soulful villain guided by spirit and wonder.

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