How to Get Rid of Stubborn Belly Fat Female

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If you’re weary of not reducing stubborn female belly fat despite countless hours of cardio, “classes”, and lightweight workouts, then you need to learn these 5 secrets.

How to Get Rid of Stubborn Belly Fat Female
How to Get Rid of Stubborn Belly Fat Female

Some of my favorite customers were stressed-out mothers and businesswomen who tried hard but got no results. The scale didn’t move, their trousers were still too tight, and their bodies didn’t appear to change.

A discussion with my most loyal customer, Annie, who performed plenty of cardio and low weights before coming to train with me, sticks in my mind.

In the Starbucks across the street from the gym on a lovely spring morning, I discussed with her the 5 keys to shedding stubborn female fat and dropping inches off her stomach and thighs.

Annie couldn’t believe there were “secrets” to losing weight. Less fat, more exercise. She’d been reading all the fitness publications and talking to her running friends about reducing weight. So Annie called me out, claiming I couldn’t tell her anything she didn’t already know. Of course, she had no idea.

To reduce inches, relying only on exercise is a losing proposition. It’s impossible. Then I told her my 5 secrets.


Interval Training, Not Cardio

How to Get Rid of Stubborn Belly Fat Female
How to Get Rid of Stubborn Belly Fat Female

The Australian study demonstrating interval training is more effective than cardio for fat reduction in women had not been published when we met. But I knew from other research (from the 1990s) and experience that interval training delivers maximal benefits in the shortest period.

Annie was unsure. She had been practicing aerobics for years and had initially shed weight, but had plateaued.

She assumed she needed to do more. But she ran 4 hours each week. Where was the time?

So I introduced her to I.T.

That was the start of her brief but intense workout love affair. Her arms were reshaped in weeks, just in time for a sleeveless party dress. She came in on Monday morning after the weekend partying and said all the ladies admired her arms! Interval training and this following secret…

Factor in Fat Loss is Nutrition.

Annie loved Starbucks for the coffee and the carbs behind the counter. Seeing the calorie and sugar content of such goodies made her realize her mistake.

I need a lot of carbs for my jogging, “she remarked in her beautiful Southern drawl (she is from the south but relocated to Toronto with her family).

A classic!

To be fair, all runners use running to excuse their excessive sugar, carbohydrate, and calorie consumption. But it doesn’t help. These additional carbs and calories retain the inches around your waist, hips, and thighs.

The quickest method to lose them is to eat mostly fruits and vegetables and avoid processed carbs from a bag or carton.

Dr. Chris Mohr’s safe, efficient Fat Loss Nutrition Guidelines include additional fat-burning carbohydrate suggestions.

So although addressing Annie’s “cardio and nutrition” problems helped her lose inches, the following suggestion was the secret to her sculpted arms.

Boost Metabolism and Sculpt Your Body with Bodyweight Exercises.

Annie was performing light dumbbell workouts before she came to me, but nothing was working. Her time was wasted.

I showed her the magic of bodyweight workouts. And not just the same old. I taught her hundreds of new pushups, whole body ab workouts, and leg shaping techniques. We worked out in the gym, but she could have done this at home.

In her sleeveless outfit, she was the one turning attention due to her 15 tight grip pushups. But I’m sure you’re curious about those whole body ab workouts. That’s for sure Annie.

Crunches Don’t Work, But Total Body Abs Do!

Annie was exhausted and elated at the conclusion of our first exercise. She’d never done over half of her routine before, and she liked that there were no pink dumbbells involved.

I rhymed off some of our choices as we went into the abdominal workout section.

All of her favorite moves were familiar to her. And her abs, too! That’s why she improved so much.

Annie is done with 500 crunches. With her new whole body ab workouts, she would achieve better results in less time and with fewer repetitions.

Reduce the number of reps you do with weights.

Like Annie, I get really excited about this one. I was still citing research papers and success stories to her after we finished our drinks, telling her how it’s a pity that women have been misled about how to perform strength training.

Women were taught for decades to tone their muscles with low weights and high repetitions. But do you know anybody who has succeeded? And no one I’ve ever trained has ever shown me how to perform pushups or chinups. Poor them for spending thousands on trainers who did not appreciate their physical abilities.

Oh, I told you this energized me. So I persuaded Annie to use dumbbells and just 8 repetitions per set in future sessions to maximize metabolism. So we did. Even with 35-pound weights, she had TINY, TONED arms.

No woman becomes large and beefy with bodyweight and dumbbell workouts. Not if she uses my 5 tricks.

Strength and interval exercises have been utilized by hundreds of women to burn belly fat and increase metabolism.

So, utilize bodyweight strength and interval exercises to burn stubborn female body fat at home.

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