How to make full moon water, the benefits of charged lunar water

Astrologers, witches, and mystics can all agree The power of the moon.. It is one of the two celebrities in our sky (along with the sun), Revelation and magic..

Moon Dominating the subtle, subconscious and intuitive aspects of the self, its wax and decline reflect ourselves.we Align yourself with the moon, We utilize the ancient flow of energy. One easy way to do this is to make lunar water.

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What is lunar water?

You can make lunar water by leaving the water outdoors for charging in the moonlight.The moon affects the tides of the sea, so there is already an energy relationship Element of water And the moon.When you add intent (and maybe Crystal or two), You can create tools that can be used for everything from watering plants to adding to the bath to cleaning the house.

How to make lunar water

To create lunar water, you need the following:

  • Bottles or containers (I recommend masonry bottles or other clear glass bottles, but any container like bottles, cups, or Tupperware).
  • Water (from the faucet, from the bottle, from the river … if you intend to do so, make sure you can drink safely!).
  • A label that dates the lunar water and records which sign and phase the moon is in (such as “Leo’s Full Moon, February 16, 2022”).
  • Water-safe crystals like Rose quartzClear Quartz, or Amethyst (optional).
  • Mugwort (dominated by the moon), lavender (for relaxation and healing), rosemary (for protection), or Sweetgrass (For positive energy) (optional).
  • Lighter and bowl (optional) for burning herbs.
  • Intention (optional) to focus on peace, love, acceptance, etc.

    Lunar water is traditionally charged under the night light full moonWhen the energy of the moon is the most powerful and we can easily connect to intuition.You can also make lunar water Gibbs Moon, When the moon is almost full. Please note: Never make lunar water during a solar eclipse —Solar eclipse energy It’s not a good time to do this kind of work as it overwhelms the energy of the moon.

    No matter which moon phase you choose, check which constellation the moon is in. This is because it affects the energy of water. For example, lunar water charged under the full moon in Taurus, Venus dominatesPromotes love and joy, but the lunar water charged under the full moon in Gemini, which is dominated by Mercury, helps to assert your voice.

    If you are using one of the following, first wash the jar or container with smoke from herbs, attach it to the label, and add crystals to the jar. Then add water. Place the jar somewhere outside (0r if you don’t have access to the outdoors, then on the windowsill) to allow it to absorb the energy of the moon. Even if you can’t see the full moon, the water will still be charged.

    If necessary, you can take the time to meditate. With your palm over the water, the energy of the moon passes through the top of your head, down your spine and arms, through your body, and from your palm to the water. In doing so, thank the universe for focusing on the intent you are setting and allowing you to connect with the universe. Finally, leave water to charge overnight. There is lunar water in the morning!

    How does lunar water work?

    Lunar water works for several reasons. One is Element of water.. Energetic, water is receptive. It retains the energy or intent of everything it permeates. And in the case of lunar water, the water acts as a spiritual sponge, holding the energy that the moon is spreading from space to our world. In this way, water becomes a kind of amulet and holds the energy of the moon planet for use in future spells and rituals.

    The vibration or energy of the lunar water you charge depends on the signs and phase of the moon. This is usually the time when lunar water is produced, as the moon is the strongest, most vibrant and powerful sign during the full moon.

    How to set your intent with lunar water

    Creating lunar water for general purposes (such as using the energy of the moon) is not a bad idea, but it can also be used more specifically to meet specific intents. Before you choose your intent, find out what sign the moon is during the time you want to charge it. Read about this energy of this constellation. Therefore, the full moon in Libra is perfect for intent on love magic, as Libra is dominated by the planet of love, Venus. On the other hand, the full moon of Capricorn (a planet dominated by Saturn, structure and restriction) should be aimed at helping to assert boundaries.

    Once you understand what intent matches the phases of the moon you are working on, clarify that intent and write it down in the present tense (this is what is happening in the universe as this intent is already yours). It will happen in the future) (because it shows that it is not the case). I always add to the end of my intent, “This or something better, for the best of everyone involved.” That is to make sure that I am still open to the possibilities of the universe.

    After making the lunar water, read the intention aloud and hold your palm over the water again. It recharges the lunar water by visualizing the energy of the silver moon as it moves the crown, spine, body, arms and palms into the water. Continue to visualize this energy being poured into the water until you feel the water charge and deliberately glow silver. Then voilà, you charged the lunar water!

    How to use lunar water

    Well, you made the water for your moon. What do you do with it now? Fortunately, there are many options.

    • Use it to clean your altar, the sacred space, crystalOr any ritual tool.
    • Please take a ritual bath.
    • Use it to cleanse the floor (yes, just add it to PineSol!).
    • When painting, immerse the brush in it.
    • Use it to water your plants.
    • Add essential oils and alcohol to create a fragrant room spray.
    • Use it with your essential oil diffuser.
    • Drink it so that you can absorb it into your body.
    • Use it to anoint your body as a way to energetically purify yourself.
    • Make tea using lunar water. Add herbs and herbal teas that suit your intentions, such as lavender for healing, mugwort for spiritual messages, roses for love, and enjoy the ritual of drinking this! By the way: Be sure to use drinking water for this!
    • Sprinkle lunar water in the corners of your space, inviting lunar energy to purify your home and remove negativeness and stagnation.
    • Use the lunar water as a tribute to the moon and water-related gods (Isis, Diana, Venus, etc.).
    • Use lunar water as an offering to your ancestors and as a portal for them to connect to you.

      How to use lunar water for symptoms

      Lunar water Symptoms By charging and drinking it at your will, or by using it in spells such as: Honey jar spell or Ritual bath.. Follow the same steps as above to set the intent on the lunar water and write it down in the present tense.

      After making lunar water, you can drink it to absorb energy into yourself or pour it into the bath and add herbs that correspond to what you are expressing (roses for love). (Mint for money, or eucalyptus, etc.) for cleansing and healing).Can also be used Sex magic Work with your orgasm to benefit from the power of the full moon. To do this, keep in mind your intentions when you reach the climax, and then send this energy from the top of your head into space. When you’re done, drink the charged lunar water. If desired, you can also lubricate the sexual center (below the navel), the heart, and the third eye (between the eyebrows).

      How to use full moon water in your beauty routine

      The best part about lunar water is that you can be creative in how you use it. Use it to wash your face and seek the blessings of the moon. (Repeat, if you use lunar water in your skin care routine, make sure you use drinking water, not river or sea water!) Beauty is cyclical and evolving! It continues, and so does the month. If you have water-activated cosmetological products, you can use them with some of the lunar water. By the way, you can make a face spray with lunar water, but it is recommended to use distilled water for this. Organic rose petals and (distilled!) Moon water can be used for facial toner blessed by the moon itself.

      And if you’re thinking of another use, choose it. Unleash your creativity, the magic of the moon and your heart will guide you. As the witch says, And yes!

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