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How to Measure

How to Measure Bust Size

When it comes to finding the perfect fitting bra or top, knowing your bust size is crucial. Yet, many women struggle with determining their correct bust size, leading to ill-fitting and uncomfortable clothing. In this comprehensive guide, we will help you solve this issue by providing step-by-step instructions on how to measure your bust size accurately. So, grab a measuring tape and let’s get started!

Understanding Your Bust Size

Before we dive into the measuring process, let’s first understand what bust size actually means. Bust size is the measurement of the circumference of the widest part of your bust. It is typically measured in inches and is represented by a number, known as the band size, and a letter, representing the cup size. For example, 34C is a common bust size, where 34 is the band size and C is the cup size.

The band size refers to the measurement around your ribcage, just below your bust. It is also known as the under bust measurement. The cup size corresponds to the difference between your under bust and bust measurements. The combination of these two measurements provides your bust size, which is why it is crucial to measure both accurately.

Tools You Will Need

To measure your bust size accurately, you will need a few essential tools. These include:

1. A measuring tape – This is the most crucial tool for measuring your bust size. Make sure the tape is flexible and able to wrap around your body comfortably.

2. A mirror – It is always helpful to have a mirror in front of you while measuring, especially if you are doing it by yourself.

3. A well-fitting, non-padded bra – Wearing a bra that fits you well will provide the most accurate measurement.

4. A notepad and pen – You will need to write down your measurements to calculate your bust size correctly.

5. Assistance – If possible, ask a friend or family member to help you with the measuring process to ensure accuracy.

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Measuring Your Bust Size – Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Find Your Band Size

The first step in measuring your bust size is finding your band size or under bust measurement. Follow these steps to determine your accurate band size:

1. Stand straight with your arms by your side wearing a well-fitting, non-padded bra.

2. Hold the measuring tape horizontally around your ribcage, just below your bust. Make sure the tape is snug but not too tight.

3. Breathe normally and take note of the measurement in inches. This measurement is your band size.

Step 2: Calculate Your Cup Size

Once you have your band size, the next step is to determine your cup size. Follow these steps:

1. Wrap the measuring tape around the widest part of your bust, making sure it is parallel to the ground.

2. Take note of this measurement in inches.

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3. Subtract your band size from this measurement. For example, if your band size is 34 inches and your bust measurement is 38 inches, the difference is 4 inches.

4. Use the following chart to determine your cup size based on the difference between your bust and band measurements:

1 inch – A cup
2 inches – B cup
3 inches – C cup
4 inches – D cup
5 inches – DD cup
6 inches – DDD/E cup
7 inches – F cup
8 inches – G cup
9 inches – H cup
10 inches – I cup
11 inches – J cup

In our example, the difference is 4 inches, and the cup size is D.

Step 3: Combine Your Band Size and Cup Size

The final step is to combine your band size and cup size to determine your bust size. For example, if your band size is 34 inches and your cup size is D, your bust size is 34D.

Tips for Accurate Measuring

– Make sure the measuring tape is parallel to the ground and not slanted.

– Measure yourself in front of a mirror to ensure the tape is in the correct position.

– Wear a well-fitting, non-padded bra for accurate measurements.

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– Do not wear thick clothing that can affect the measurements.

– Do not hold your breath or suck in your stomach while measuring.

– If possible, have someone else assist you with the measuring process.

– Double check your measurements to ensure accuracy.

Finding the Right Fit

Now that you have your accurate bust size, it is essential to use this information to find the right fit when shopping for bras, tops, and dresses. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect fit:

1. Try on Different Sizes – Keep in mind that not all bra and clothing brands use the same sizing chart. Thus, it is crucial to try on different sizes and see which one fits you the best.

2. Adjust Your Straps – The straps of your bra should not dig into your shoulders or slide down. Adjust them accordingly to ensure a comfortable fit.

3. Look for Signs of Good Fit – The center of your bra should sit flat against your chest, and the band should be snug but not too tight. Additionally, the underwire should lay flat against your ribcage without poking you.

4. Take Note of Comfort – Comfort is key when finding the right fit. If you feel uncomfortable, the bra is too tight or too loose, and you should try a different size.

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5. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help – If you are unsure about your size or how a bra should fit, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance from store staff. They are trained to help you find the right fit.

The Importance of Accurate Bust Measurements

Knowing your accurate bust size not only helps you find the right fitting bras and clothing, but it also has health implications. Ill-fitting bras can cause discomfort, back pain, and even breast damage. By measuring regularly and wearing the correct size, you can avoid these issues and maintain the health of your breasts.

In addition, knowing your proper bust size can boost your confidence and enhance your appearance. Wearing a correctly fitting bra can provide better support, proper posture, and a more flattering silhouette.


Finding your accurate bust size may seem like a daunting task, but it is crucial for comfort, health, and appearance. Remember to measure regularly and keep track of any changes to ensure your bras and clothing fit you perfectly. With our comprehensive guide, you can now confidently measure your bust size and find the right fit for any clothing.

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