In India, Sex Education Struggles with Taboo Status

Mumbai, India (WOMENSENEWS) — The Podar Institute of Education, with students between the ages of 5 and 18, wanted to provide sex education. However, the manager also wanted to make sure that parents allowed their children to participate.

So they called the classes that are currently offered once or twice a year “Good Touch, Bad Touch” or “Know Your Body”. No mention was made of gender or sex education, and they believed that their omissions would make trainers more comfortable.

“Sex is taboo in India and the name” sex education “can be misleading,” Swati Popat Vats, director of the Podar Institute of Education, told Women’se News in a recent telephone interview. “It means that it varies from person to person. Workshops and classes are about how to be more aware of your body, not sex. Both students and trainers are uncomfortable with the use of this term. I think it should be called a “body intelligence workshop” because that is the true meaning. “

Vats said that more exclusive private schools are more open to the term sex education, but schools that serve children with less wealthy backgrounds like her should avoid this term. ..

Podar participates in many other schools in India that are hesitant to use controversial terms. Exactly two years ago, Dr. Hirschwaldan, Minister of Health of the State, said, “So-called sex education. “

“It’s a nightmare to have a sex education workshop,” said Suparna Ghosh, a 30-year-old counselor at a private school in New Delhi, who holds workshops for students over the age of 10. “Some schools decide to have separate sessions for boys and girls. Students feel sick and generally want to end the session. Sometimes they want to end the session after the session. I come to talk individually about their concerns and issues. I think it would be really helpful to be able to use common terms. Students will be more acceptable. “

Connection of child abuse

Whatever you call the anatomy teachings in the context of proper intimate human contact, those who are worried about the thousands of cases of child sexual abuse submitted here each year will find it useful.

Manjeer Mukherjee, director of Arpan, a Mumbai-based children’s rights advocacy group, said: “This not only provides children with the knowledge and awareness to deal with different situations, but also creates a vocabulary to talk about these things. In addition, the education given in these classes is provided by them. Parents and teachers need to be involved because they have to be strengthened. “

It’s important to start a conversation, but breaking the taboo about sex is just as important, added Mukherjee, who spoke on the phone. “It’s helpful to give it a threat-free name, but the parallel process to break the sex taboo needs to continue.”

Parents also say they need help raising the topic of sex with their children, as they can get a basic impression of sex through the internet.

“When I realized I was visiting an unwanted website on the Internet, I realized I had to talk to my 14-year-old son,” said a 40-year-old woman who spoke on condition of anonymity. rice field. “I didn’t have a reference / reference point because my parents had never spoken openly to me about such issues. One workshop just to know how we talk to our son The workshop was simply called “How to Talk to Your Child About Sex”. I generally agree with sex education, but if my child attends the workshop in clear terms, I’m not comfortable. “

Sex education is compulsory in India, but it is at best mottled due to the resistance of private and public institutions responsible for its implementation.

Dr. Rajanbonsul, Head of Sexology at KEM in Mumbai, said: Hospital and GS Medical College.

Bonsul, co-author of The Ultimate Book of Sex, published in 2014 and currently the manual for many sex education programs, said in a telephone interview. He also teaches many sex education sessions at school and is currently teaching others to conduct sessions. Most of them are done by third parties, not schools.

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