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Lisa Montgomery is about to be executed by the federal government on December 8 for committing a truly harsh situation. Heinous Crime – Kill a young mother and separate the fetus from the womb to claim the child as his own. She did so in an episode of mental illness.

Between 1976 and 2016, 16 American women ( Karla Faye Tucker, Wanda Gene Allen, Kimberly McCarthy) It was executed. These women killed primarily one, and sometimes two. In just two cases they killed multiple victims.

During the same approximate period, 17 American male murderers, mainly men who killed 14 to 100 women who were prostitutes, were sentenced to be less severe overall. Only five (29%) were executed and the rest were allowed to live in prison.This is also Robert Hansen, Arthur Shawcross, Green river killerWhen Grim Sleeper.. The jury did not vote or be given the choice to do them for a variety of reasons.

Oh, it’s a clear and scary measure of how cheap a woman’s life is! Women who are sexually frightened by prostitutes are disposable and disposable and remain invisible to us both in life and death. They show little mercy during their lives and are completely forgotten after they are killed. I rarely know their names. When finally arrested (after many years), many murderers can lead a natural life.

This may seem like I’m claiming the death penalty. I’m not. Paradoxically, this is another reason to oppose legal executions. The death penalty does not apply fairly, equitably, or evenly to both race and gender. Moreover, poor suspects are not represented in the same way as rich people.

Like other executed and imprisoned women, Irene Carol Warnos, who I write in a new book, Requiem, a female serial killer, And Lisa Montgomery spent their lives in the war zone.As Sandra Babcock at the Cornell Center on the Global Death Penalty write in: “Lisa’s life can be read like a horror movie script.” Her alcoholic mother terrorized, punished, beaten her as a kid and prostituted her at the age of 11. Did. When she was a teenager, an elderly man, first her inhabited stepfather, then Johns, invaded Lisa “one after another in her anus, verbal, and vagina.” Lisa clearly developed “complex post-traumatic stress disorder”.

Humans cannot easily recover from torture. Most are unnaturally “alert”, delusional, and survive only in isolation. Many turn to drugs and alcohol to keep them separate from their painful history.

Warnos was also “survived” by being savagely beaten, threatened to death, raped, pregnant, then thrown out of a dysfunctional home and selling sex at the age of 14. Like Montgomery, Warnos was also born with deep cognitive and neurological limitations. By the time she was 15, Warnos was selling sex for food, beer, music and accommodation. Like all prostitutes, Wuorn was repeatedly raped (actually she was paid to be raped), beaten, gangbanged, robbed, tortured, and almost killed. In my opinion she killed in her first self-defense. Then something changed.I write about it Requiem..

Women are less violent than men, but women teeth Violent, she is considered even more dangerous and unnatural than a man, and trials show little mercy as in her life. For example, a Warnos jury took only 1 hour and 31 minutes to convict her and 1 hour and 48 minutes to condemn her to death. The serial killer Ted Bundy’s jury (and he killed nearly 100 women) took seven hours to convict him and seven and a half hours to sentence him to death. ..

Women are routinely sentenced to more sentences than men for committing the same crimes. Abused women who ultimately save their lives are usually sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. Killing even a violent husband is, at some level, considered a patriicide / regicide, and women must be severely punished as an example of other women.

Girls and women with most sexual torture and trauma die slowly and anonymously. Some fight back, some save lives, others jump out of their heads.

Lisa Montgomery did. Do we, the people, think it is in our hearts to show her a measure of her mercy? Can we, the people, allow her to be sentenced to life imprisonment?

Justice is not justice when it cannot be relieved by mercy.

About the author: Phyllis Chesler, Ph.D. Is an emeritus professor of psychology and women’s studies at City University of New York and the author of a new book. Requiem, a female serial killer.. Dr. Chessler is a co-founder of the Women’s Association of Psychology, the National Women’s Health Network, and the International Commission for Women on the Wall.Dr. Chessler wrote a groundbreaking feminist classic Woman and madness, New anti-Semitism,Women’s inhumanity towards women, Kabul American bride, Family Conspiracy: Honor KillingsAnd memoirs: Political incorrect feminist..

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