Is the $195 Eighth Day Regenerative Serum Worth Its Lofty Price Tag? An Editor Reviews

The Regenerated serum on day 8 Have a lot The hype of skin care that surrounds it.What a sold out Five In the days of luxury e-retailer Violet Gray, its founder Cassandra Gray said: Harper’s Bazaar this thing Makes her skin look younger..

What is it, do you ask? The active substance that makes up the patented peptide-rich plasma of serum is composed of 24 different biologically identical growth factors, peptides, and amino acids. Brand founder Tony Nakhla, MD, is a dermatologist and dermatologist based in Orange County, California. In his many years of research and practice, it has been identified as an important marker of skin healing.

You may know Platelet rich plasma (PRP) in order to Vampire face It’s probably one of the responsibilities of Kim Kardashian The creepiest selfie photo: Treatment uses a person’s own blood injection to improve the texture of the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. PRP can be used to improve everything from Hair loss For the appearance of stretch marks. “Platelets contain high levels of growth factors that, when applied to the skin, stimulate cell turnover,” said a Beverly Hills-based board-certified dermatologist. Ava champagneMD.

Of course, regenerated serum is not made from anyone’s blood, but synthetic peptides are thought to have a PRP-like soothing effect on the skin.

Makeup artist Namvo To tell Allure She is a fan of serum and adds that it helps after her regularity Micro need ring A session from facial artist Aida Bicaj. These treatments usually make her look tanned and red for two days.

“I probably used serum for the first time in less than a day. [already] It’s completely healed, soft and supple, like a baby’s tear-soaked dumpling skin … “says Vo. “I think it’s incredibly healed, and I love it.” So yeah: this gorgeous bottled healer has built up a good reputation.

What first made me this highly acclaimed-about $ 195 per 0.5 ounce of serum? For starters, I do microneedling on a regular basis, like Vo, Laser treatment in the office.. Whenever I receive treatment in the office, it leaves microchannels on the skin for a day or two, which makes the highly healing serum particularly absorbent.During my tenure, I may choose PRPHowever, when I get home, it is always difficult to determine what is the most curative and anti-inflammatory course of topical treatment. This is where my love for the carefully selected ingredients of the 8th day is born.

Meet an expert

  • Makeup artist Nam Vo
  • Anthony Nakhla, MD, Board-certified dermatologist and medical director of the OC Skin Institute in Orange County, California.
  • Dr. Hadley King, a dermatologist and clinical instructor of dermatology at Cornell University Weil Medical College in New York City.

Day 8

Regenerated serum

I love to combine it with growth factors, so I started by incorporating serum into my nightly regimen. Retinoids For a super powerful boost of goodness to rejuvenate the skin. “”Growth factors It is a signal transduction protein [that] It binds to receptors on the cell surface and sends commands for repair, rejuvenation, and replication, “said a New York City Board-certified dermatologist. Hadley KingMD.

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