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Jax suggests Raquel, Sandoval use a cover affair for Schwartz, Oliver

CelebritiesJax suggests Raquel, Sandoval use a cover affair for Schwartz, Oliver

Jax Taylor Is Still Convinced Of Tom Sandoval And Raquel Lewis' Fake Tom Schwartz Romance

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Jax Taylor And britney cartwright were influenced by Raquel Lewis During the Wednesday, April 19 episode vanderpump rules – but not in a good way.

“This whole time she’s just been putting on a show to make it seem like nothing’s going on between her and [Tom Sandoval]the 43-year-old former Sur bartender said on the latest episode of Peacock see with Specific. “going on a date” oliver [Saunders], Kiss [Tom] schwartzIt’s all a facade. It’s all for show. He should really consider acting.

Brittany, 34, said watching the episode, which is slated to be filmed in late August and early September 2022, is “blowing” her mind after learning about Raquel and Sandoval, 28,’s months-long affair – which led to her ended nine-year relationship with ariana madix – in March.

“I didn’t think she had it. I thought she was a nice, sweet girl,” the Kentucky native said.

Wednesday’s episode of the Bravo hit followed Schwartz, 40, having sex with Raquel during a cast trip to Mexico. While the beauty queen has denied she faked feelings for Schwartz to hide her relationship with Sandoval, 40, Jax isn’t convinced.

“Oh my god, Schwartz’s showing interest with this sad story. Like, I’m already over it. Just say, ‘Listen, Sandoval made me do this because we’re having a relationship.’ Ugh,” he said.

after seeing Lisa Vanderpump Ask Schwartz to “take responsibility” for Raquel’s mess in another scene, leaving Jax enraged. ,[Sandoval is] The one who put him up! I’m sorry, it’s true,” he said. “That’s what happened. I have never been wrong about anything that happened on this show.

Sandoval confirmed earlier this month that he had kissed Raquel before they smooched with Schwartz in Mexico. After their initial hookup, Sandoval continued to spend time with Raquel — some allied labor He was questioned in Wednesday’s episode after he saw the couple dancing at the abbey at 1am

Britney said, “It’s crazy that they’re going to the abbey where we all hang out.” “It’s too close to all of Lisa’s restaurants in West Hollywood and they’re dancing at 1 a.m. thinking no one’s paying attention, ‘Hey, there’s Tom Sandoval and Raquel. vanderpump rules, … It is in our area.”

Jax, who previously admitted to cheating on Britney two years before their 2019 wedding, agreed: “There have been some dumb moves [that] I did, but it’s dumb.

Elsewhere during Wednesday’s installment, Raquel spends time with Oliver after hooking up with him in Las Vegas earlier in the season.

Brittany and Jax joke that Raquel called Sandoval after having a “date” with her. Garcelle Beauvais‘ son and said to him: “Don’t worry, the noose is ready.

Both the California native and Sandoval have apologized to Ariana, 37, for their actions. While Raquel checked into a mental health facility earlier this month, he appeared Howie MandelPodcast of To Defend Yourself. During the interview, he stated that he and Raquel are on a “break”.

vanderpump rules Bravo airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on While Peacock Falls see with on Thursday.

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