Jennifer Lopez Is Unrecognizable In New, No-Makeup IG Video

Jennifer Lopez offers her best skin care advice on Instagram. The please marry me Star, 52, just posted a brand new videoNo makeup.

J. when she is wearing a robe and chatting with the camera. Lo explains exactly how she takes care of her skin very well (and she shares her favorite products from her own skin care line, JLo Beauty.. )

And the fans didn’t get enough. A user commented, “Beauty of nature 😍”. Someone else added, “That GLOW WWW ✨ ✨ ✨”.

Consistency is key, according to Jennifer. She also states that after spending a long day on her set, she will definitely give her face the necessary rest, relaxation and hydration.And hey, if her routine has her brilliance this many:

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Then I’m here for it. First, J.Rho defeats her “Old Faithful” That JLo Glow SerumThere is a complex of moisturized and plump olives on the skin. After smoothing out, “I want to put in more and more,” he laughs.

Jennifer applies that serum wherever, From her face to her neck and to her ears. “I’m telling you, this is the magic in the bottle,” she adds. Towards the end of the video, J. Lo she usually JLo Beauty, a single gel cream cleanser Before applying serum. According to it, it is “amazing in every way.” Good trouble producer.

But J. This isn’t the first time Lo has opened up about her skincare secrets. “The best secret is to get enough sleep all the time. I can’t really emphasize this. Ideally, I want to get 9 or 10 hours of sleep, but in any case, Make sure you sleep for at least eight hours, “she said. InStyle..

She is also serious about her SPF.

“I’ve been using sunscreen as a moisturizer since I was 18 years old,” she shared. Women’s health. “It’s one of the biggest and greatest secrets I can tell everyone, because our skin suffers not only sun damage every day, but also environmental damage every day. And sunscreen every day. Just apply it and it’s different. “

In addition, the olive extract contained in her serum? It’s the secret of family beauty. “It’s like a secret ingredient of nature that we don’t use enough, but you don’t want to use straight olive oil for yourself because you don’t want to smell like a salad.” Jennifer explained.

“It’s a modernized version of a secret cosmetological ingredient. It was a favorite of my whole family to deliver brilliance,” she added.

Diet is also important. “Sorry, that’s true. I think I drink fresh food with lots of water and lots of fruits and vegetables (I think [them] Always with me. ) Everything affects the quality of the appearance of the skin, “J.Lo shared. people.

And the affirmation keeps her feelings shining from inside out all day long. “I’m young and timeless. A few times a day, every day. Sounds like a cliché, but it’s not. All ages are in your head. Look at Jane Fonda. Please, “Jenifer said. Harper’s Bazaar.

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