Jesse Palmer Defends ‘Bachelor’ Clayton’s Fantasy Suites Behavior

JSYK, this post contains spoilers for the Bachelor’s degree season in Clayton Echard. If you haven’t seen the date of his fantasy suite yet, scroll at your own risk.

The bachelor’s nation is unanimous Bachelor Also single LeadHowever, it is also very rare for fandom to unanimously oppose the star’s decision. Clayton Echard The second method is rare.

Clayton’s journey was * especially * annoyingBy reality TV standards, fans were quite critical of him. Many fans don’t fully understandAnd about the specific decisions he made, both during and after the shoot.

latest Clayton Controversy ™ Includes his actions during the date of his fantasy sweets. Well, for the sake of clarity, the fact that the date of Clayton’s fantasy sweets triggered the drama is not news. ABC basically built a season’s advertising campaign based on the fact that Clayton professed his love to the three contestants and slept with them (promotions during the season are of this). Suggested that exposure leads to meltdown).

In addition to the drama we knew, however, Clayton’s latest episode also included a dramatic farewell. Susie Evans, Had the third and last date of the FINAL FANTASY Suite. That day, Susie told Clayton that if she slept with one of the other two finalists, she wouldn’t be able to continue their relationship, after which he was already sleeping with both finalists. I learned that.This led to a very emotional conversation and was felt by many viewers. Clayton engaged in gas lamps..

In a new interview with variety, Jesse Palmer is the host of this nasty, nasty seasonDefended Clayton’s decision to sleep with multiple contestants, stating that “there are singles and singles who slept with three people during the season,” especially in the late show proposal. He said compatibility is “very important”.

“Because I attended the show and was in this position, I think it’s important to know if it’s sexually compatible. It was a big theme for the show from the beginning,” he warned very importantly. I said before throwing. .. “On the contrary, if you already know in your head who your bachelor’s degree or bachelor’s degree will ultimately choose, I think you need to be careful about sleeping with others. It can be annoying, so I don’t know where Clayton’s head was in that regard. ”

While the host was unable to take a strong stance Gas lamp The problem emphasized that the show always had a mental health expert, counseling leads and contestants as needed. He says this is something the franchise didn’t always do in his early days.

“In the set, psychologists always talk to bachelor’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and contestants to keep everyone as mentally healthy as possible,” Jesse explained. It’s a big priority for the show. I think they didn’t have it when I was on the show nearly 20 years ago. ”

So at least is it?

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