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Julianne Hough recalls how ex Ryan Seacrest influenced her career

CelebritiesJulianne Hough recalls how ex Ryan Seacrest influenced her career

Grape brains think alike.

And Julianne Hough have an ex boyfriend ryan seacrest To thank for introducing her to wine, which inspired her to explore entrepreneurship by starting Fresh Wine Wines, the collection she co-owns with actress Nina Dobrev,

“When I was 21, I actually started dating your former host, Ryan Seacrest,” the 34-year-old shared. The Kelly Clarkson Show 20 April. “So we dated and he’s very into wine. He’s got wineries in Napa and Italy.”

Julianne explained that because she grew up as part of the LDS Church—which is a form of Mormonism—she wasn’t allowed to drink alcohol.

“She Introduced Me to Wine,” The dancing with the Stars The alum continued. “And what’s so interesting is that I didn’t drink, growing up LDS, it was about partying and drinking. But it was an education.

He said, “I love to learn, and so it was like they taught me to smell and taste and also to spin the glass. It felt great.”

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