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Katie Maloney Questions Sandoval, Raquel’s Private Moments Pre-Scandal

CelebritiesKatie Maloney Questions Sandoval, Raquel's Private Moments Pre-Scandal

caught in the act? tom sandoval had come for Raquel Lewis‘ rescue while they were secretly having an affair – and Katie Maloney Put her on the spot about the pair’s questionable connection.

during a new episode of vanderpump ruleswhich aired on Wednesday, April 19, Katie, 36, and Tom, 40, argued about Raquel’s decision to crash Lala KentParty of

“It’s just funny to me. Raquel, you’re a dumb bitch. And she shouldn’t have been here tonight for Lala’s birthday,” the “You’re Gonna Love Me” podcast host told the TomTom co-owner.

In response, Tom claimed that Katie was getting “great pleasure” from hating Raquel, 28. So, she’s enjoying it like the best piece of Wagyu steak she’s ever had,” he told the cameras.

Earlier in the episode, the beauty pageant contestant faced the consequences of hooking up with him in August 2022 oliver saunders, (those days, Garcelle BeauvaisThe 32-year-old eldest child made headlines when his ex-wife, Samantha Saundersalleged that they were still married.)

Amidst the drama Tom shows his support for Raquel – which is questioned by Katie during their argument.

“Raquel brings you so much joy, too,” says the Utah native, whose ex-husband Tom Schwartz Connected an episode ago with Raquel, quips. “You go to the abbey together at one in the morning.”

Sandoval, for his part, dismissed the allegations, saying, “Man, what are you saying? Get the f—k out of here, man.

Katie likely heard about the Missouri native’s private outing with Raquel james kennedygirlfriend of allied labor,

“Last night at Lala’s apartment, I was picking up my stuff and we were leaving and talking. That’s when I mentioned that I saw Sandoval and Raquel dancing together later in the abbey. [a] see you next Tuesday [event at SUR],” the 27-year-old Bravo newcomer revealed in a confessional statement. “I personally would not feel comfortable putting my boyfriend out with the girls at 1 a.m. But everyone is different.

She said: I thought it was weird that it was 1am and we were like, ‘Where’s [Sandoval’s then-girlfriend] Ariana [Madix],

us weekly It was confirmed in March that Sandoval cheated on Ariana, 37, with Raquel before their split. Ahead of the cheating scandal, the Florida native defended her nearly decade-long romance with the bar owner after a Season 10 trailer fueled rumors that they were in an open relationship.

“We don’t have an open relationship. I’m really not that cool. Thought that was obvious,” Maddix tweeted in January.

A month later, the Lifetime star addressed her decision to vent about her personal life. “I feel like when you illuminate things like that, it becomes more than it is,” she said exclusively We in February. “Honestly, it would be really sexy if we were, but we’re not.”

However, Sandoval recently claimed that she tried to end her relationship with Maddix because of her growing feelings for Lewis. “Like many relationships, it felt like this one became like best friends, family. [thing] — sometimes roommates,” he said earlier this month on the “Howie Mandel Does Stuff” podcast. “There were so many ways where the relationship lacked intimacy, connectedness. Will travel more I will go to weddings myself.

The businessman admitted that he had been in constant contact with Raquel since their August 2022 hookup. “I was watching Raquel as many times as I could. I know it feels terrible,” he continued. “And facing him all the time. And Ariana didn’t even notice because our lives were just so different. I actually had to tell him, ‘How come you haven’t noticed how far I’ve been lately?’

After Sandoval said that there was no “label” on his current relationship with Raquel, We confirmed that the California native checked herself into a mental health treatment facility. A representative for the model released a statement on Friday, April 14, that Raquel was in rehab but was not seeking help for substance abuse issues.

“Raquel and her family decided before the relationship became known that she would enter a voluntary facility for mental health counselling,” the spokesperson said. We, “Raquel had planned to accept herself before the VPR reunion was taped on March 23. She was supposed to go to the pre-reunion, but decided she wanted to fulfill her film commitments. Bravo and the production were aware and supportive of her journey towards better mental health.

Meanwhile, Sandoval and Raquel’s close bond on the hit Bravo series continues to be questioned. In the trailer for next week’s episode, shayna shay confronts the Missouri native about the rumors going around in his friend group.

“You can laugh it off and say it’s no big deal, but to me it is. ‘Raquel is going after Sandoval now,'” Katie, 37, said. told Sandoval in the sneak peek clip.

vanderpump rules Bravo airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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