Kelsea Ballerini Goes Behind the Scenes at the 2022 ACM Awards

Self-proclaimed Cosmo The girl Kelsea Ballerini is having a cosmic week. Just as her song “Half My Hometown” (a very personal song about Knoxville) came in first, she has no one but Dolly Frekin Parton in 2022. Prepared to stand on stage at the Academy of Country Music Awards.

“These are divine or cosmic ways of telling you that you are on the right path and that you are heading where you should be,” she said. Cosmo In the middle of the gram before the show.

Ford Fairlane

Generous Kelsey let us hit the wall while she talked about upcoming performances and, of course, all that fashion. Her first look was all Saint Laurent. This is a smooth black number packed with punches on her red carpet.

Kelsea Ballerini has a face kissing herself in the mirror while preparing for the acm award

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Kelsea Ballerini doing her eye makeup with a close-up shot of her face

Ford Fairlane

“It’s very classic, but we’re going to indulge in accessories to make it feel a bit more Las Vegas, a little more Hepburn,” Kelsey said. “It’s the first time ACM has returned to Las Vegas for two years, and it’s more than accepted that it’s a little bigger than life, so we’re going to boost it pretty brilliantly!” Her favorite part. teeth? Not surprisingly, her back is * just * to show the right amount of skin.

Kelsea Ballerini leaves the trailer and heads to the acm award stage in a black open-back dress

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The brilliance certainly suits her in the spotlight, but it looks very different on stage when she finally plays Dolly Parton’s song “Blue Dreams and Faded Jeans” with Dolly herself. It was a precursor.

Kelsea Ballerini in a black Saint Laurent dress

Ford Fairlane

Kelsea Ballerini in a black Saint Laurent dress

Ford Fairlane

“Something happens [with Dolly]”Kelsey said Cosmo.. “When she enters her room, her air changes. It’s the power of her living legend, she’s so beautiful, clear, wise, and boss; She’s like “fix the prompter!” [laughs] She gets it done! It’s her learning experience to work with someone who has a career like her, but she can make jokes like her own job. She was incredible. “

Kelsey preparing to stand on the acm award stage in a denim romper

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Kelsey’s denim-centric custom stage rompers were completely 180 from what she brought to the red carpet, and it was special because she and Dolly’s camp all planned together.

“Our stylist talked about how to match the costumes to the song. We are both from East Tennessee. We both grew up there. We are both girls in blue jeans, so these I have a sick custom blue jeans outfit. “Return to East Tennessee! She’s wearing a cowboy hat. I’m wearing cowboy boots. We’re wearing yeho.”

Kelsea Ballerini poses for her denim rompers acm award performance look

Ford Fairlane

“Matching Denim Looks” may be the setting for Dolly and Kelsey’s friendship, but when they first met, Kelsey acted as an interviewer for Dolly’s interviewee as part of the Q & A series.

“I have all these thoughts about how East Tennessee influenced her music, and what it was like to be such a successful woman in country music against the odds. Prepared a deep question, and my last question was “Dolly. Your nails like that?” And she didn’t miss the beat. She looked at me and dead-panned, “OK, I play it really well.” [laughs] And that was the first interaction with Dolly. It’s a perfect circle just to appear in these shows long after and still be successful and to be able to share her stage with her. “

It’s a perfect circle.Some people may call it universe..Check out for more information on Kelsea Ballerini “Half of my hometown” under:

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