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Kim Kardashian’s Pink Dress Is Giving Power Rangers In New Photos – Hollywood Life

CelebritiesKim Kardashian’s Pink Dress Is Giving Power Rangers In New Photos – Hollywood Life

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somewhere, Amy Jo Johnson smiling because Kim Kardashian paid tribute to her character with the outfit she wore on April 19. Kim, 42, posed inside her home in a pink bodysuit that went up to her neck (and covered up her ample rear assets). Kim paired her look with knee-high pumps, booties that gave her legs an almost geometric, rectangular shape. With a pair of shades and a small purse, she was ready to fight Rita Repulsa. “Fun Fact – The Pink Power Rangers’ name is Kimberly,” Kim captioned the shot. Theme Song Q!

Kim’s outfit comes at a time when Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Fans are celebrating the upcoming ’90s hit show Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once and Always reunion special. Oddly enough, Amy Jo Johnson, 52, didn’t reprise her role as Kimberly Hart in the reunion, and she had to put down some rumors that she declined because of the money. At the beginning of the year, she tweeted, “For the record, I said never. I didn’t say yes to what was offered. But other fun things are in store! Looking forward to seeing my friends kicking .

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With speculation that Amy refused to go pink because there wasn’t enough green, she spoke out against it in a now-deleted tweet. “Please stop saying I didn’t do the reunion because of the money. Simply not true. Maybe I didn’t want to wear spandex in my 50s,” she posted on March 26. She also said that there could be reasons “for not going to New Zealand for a month” for filming. [your] Wax.

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Amy Jo Johnson also shared Jason David Frank, The man who played the original Green Ranger also declined to attend the reunion special. Jason, known worldwide for playing the character of Tommy power Rangers Suffrage, died in November at 49. “Both the JDF and I chose not to for our own reasons.”

David Yost, who previously played the role of billy power Rangers Season will return with Walter Emmanuel Jonesaka Jack. Catherine Sutherland, Will reprise her role, taking over as the Pink Ranger after Amy’s departure, while Steve Cardenas, who later became the Red Ranger Austin St. John Gone, will come back too. Johnny Yong Bosch And Karan Ashley will also return with Richard Steven Horwitz And Barbara Goodson reprising their voiceover roles of Alpha 5 and Rita Repulsa, respectively.

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