Lady Gaga Filmed a Sex Scene With Salma Hayek That Was Cut from ‘House of Gucci’

House of Gucci Luxury luxury, murder, jealousy, scandal, etc. are all a little. What’s missing? Lady Gaga and Salma Hayek got it, but that doesn’t mean Gaga didn’t try to connect the two to the screen.

In a recent Q & A, Lady Gaga said she Push for the sex scene With Salma Hayek House of Gucci— But the scene was finally cut out of the movie.

Movie — Based on a 2001 book House of Gucci: A sensational story of murder, madness, charm, and greed— Tells the true story of Patrizia Regiani (played by Lady Gaga), who is planning to marry the famous Gucci family and eventually kill her husband and fashion house heir Maurizio Gucci. In the film, Hayek depicts Giuseppeina “Pina” Auriema, a literal partner in Patrizia’s crime.

During ~ MGM Studio House of Gucci UK panel On January 18, Lady Gaga revealed that she had imagined that the relationship between Patrizia and Pina would be a little unstable after Maurizio’s murder.

“There’s an overall aspect of this movie that I didn’t know where Pina and I had a sexual relationship,” Gaga said in the panel. “Director’s Cut, who knows? But this is [Ridley Scott] He allowed us to go there, so as a director. I remember being absorbed in Salma and saying, “It may get hot after Maurizio’s death.”

When the audience laughed, Salma added, “I think it’s a joke …”.

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Given Gaga’s comments about Director’s Cut, the scene looks like it was shot, but it’s left on the floor of the cutting room. The film took some freedom in the true Gucci story, but including the sexual relationship between the two women certainly deviates from what is known about the real relationship between Patrizia and Pina. Will be.

The two women were close friends and conspirators of Maurizio Gucci’s murder, No real proof They were more intimate than that. But you can’t blame Gaga for trying. After all, it’s Salma Hayek.

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