Life in your regency based on your constellation

Take off your top hat and sit down more than ever. The regency era is back.While doing a show like NBC court— Broadcast on NBC on Sunday 8 / 7c and broadcast the next day on Peacock — You can get a glimpse of what life was like in this dignified era beyond this life, but it will be the diamond of the season. You may be wondering if. Or maybe it will be listed on the top page of the Towns Society Paper. It’s no wonder now that you’ve guessed what you expect from your life in this era-it’s all based on your constellation.

(Do you need a vocabulary lesson? Scroll to the bottom to learn the terms of the regency era.)


Your high energy, vitality, and athletic ability are your greatest assets of this time, Aries. You are a Corinthian who everyone is talking about. From nailing the bullseye while practicing archery to winning a title during a boxing match, your skills are different from regular rakes. Empowered as a badge of courage and honor, you are ready to ride any ball boldly and confidently. Your savage strength and determination is that all social notables turn their heads when you enter the room.


It’s no wonder you hear that you belong to the Taurus Upper Order. Your etiquette is extraordinary and courtesy is in your blood. You are not a stranger to decadent things, but come from a long line of royalty who frequently visit the amusement park. You like the stability and comfort this life offers to you and live for a visit to the best modists in town. Falling in love, you are about to marry a pedigree that brings dignity and rewards to your family’s heritage.


You are a pretty whipper snapper, Gemini. Of course, I sometimes appear in the Pleasure Garden, but I’m more interested in every midnight of Ton’s night party. Spoiler Note: You are the mastermind behind the town’s most successful social newspaper! No one is good at absorbing all of the gossip from every stage of society and putting their ears on the ground. You are anxious for a partner who can match your wit and charm, and someone who can dress up the ball one night and sloppy at a local drinking fountain a few days later.

of courtStarring actress Miss Nicole Remy returns to England during the regency, and suitors vie for her heart.


First Impressions of Courtship Episode 101 Photo lr Nicole Remy, Tessa Cleary, Danny Baker Photo: sean gleasonnbc
To defeat Miss Remy, the suitor needs to get the approval of her credible court, including her parents, sister Danny, and BFF Tessa.



A sign of approval from your family means everything to you, cancer. If your suitor isn’t interested in investing time with them, they can kiss the blissful goodbye of marriage. Marriage isn’t just about the romance found in fairy tales for you, it’s about making strong chicks. Pay attention to your upbringing attitude, you can easily be covered in bamboo by some rakes. Your strong intuition will help you spot any fudge. Before you know it, you will get engaged and give birth to your own child.


Leo, are you turning your head to the left or right? Don’t be afraid to take up space, it’s no wonder you’re the sight you see on every ball and you’re always walking with someone. You know your value and you know it’s worth discussing. Your self-confidence wants you to be a fascinating gaze and worshiper, and when not, you may be overcome with contempt. How is it possible for someone not to recognize your innate magnetic force and charm? You are looking for a ton member with the most spectacular courtesy gestures. After all, you are royalty.


Practically and realistically, you are not the one who faints or pays attention to yourself, Virgo. You are part of the system and prefer to know exactly what you are expecting. As one of the most diligent hard-working workers of the zodiac, having the title of Viscountess suits you. You are responsible for promotion beyond the Baroness class and for controlling jurisdiction. We are looking for a partner who can lead a small social life without being bound by Society Papers.


With your impeccable fashion sense, it’s no surprise that you’re the honorary diamond of the season, Libra. You have the best tailor in town and tons of eyes are all on you when you enter the ball. Given that you are a party life, night events revolve around your schedule. You are looking for a partner who respects your excellence, but sometimes you are looking for a partner who can also relax and enjoy.


Scorpio, do you sometimes get blue demons and do bad rap? Indeed, you have some serious depth to you. You are not just going to say yes to a normal beauty. It takes time for you to trust — and it takes effort for others to show that they can be trusted. This is not something that can be achieved in two weeks. You don’t care about the proper title or whether someone is clumsy. You care about what is in their soul. You are looking for love that can withstand the trials of time.


Did anyone say masquerade, Sagittarius? As a free spirit, you are looking for fun in every corner, and disguising your identity is certainly interesting. You are less interested in getting married, but more interested in learning from the living experiences of others who are different from your upbringing. You need a partner who can join you in the field of archery, don’t be afraid of fences, and laugh at the latest Society Papers.


Capricorn, your look says it all. You don’t have time for a rake in town. Etiquette, respect and social status mean everything to you. You are here to leave a legacy. You don’t get along with people who use River Ticks or scandal sheets a lot. You are looking for a partner who can build an empire. Your courtship is the best caliber and you may also like some snuffs here and there.


Promenade and Pleasure Garden don’t make much sense to you, Aquarius. You are more interested in society as a whole and can be seen through the superficial bustle of the aristocrats. You may prefer to work as a carriage driver because you are not interested in dress decorations or the latest scandals. This work will nourish your coveted lifestyle and allow you to interact with many people without being bound by the latest whims and expectations of society. Love requires someone with an independent personality and adventurous spirit.


Your kindness and compassion are your greatest strengths and weaknesses, Pisces. It doesn’t matter if someone is Rake or a top tier member of Ton. You want to find someone who is an energetic match. You want someone to see you about who you really are. You are still one for frequent evening parties and balls, as love can be too focused. Wanting to find a soulmate, you’re always looking for your once upon a time and fairy tale to end with any engagement.

Need a review of the regency era?

Corinthian: The most fashionable man in town.Sportsman

Rake: Essentially a woman

Top: Respected society

Pleasure Gardens: Outdoor Entertainment-Usually consists of performances, arts and culture, food and drinks, and more.

Modist: Dressmaker

Ton: Seniors of London Society

Promenade: Walking in public. Usually, a special person on the arm alerts you.

Viscountess: The wife of an aristocrat standing under the Count and above the Baron

Blue Devil: Depressed, Depressed

2 weeks: 2 weeks

Cucumber: no wealth

River Tick: People who don’t have money or are in debt

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