Lindsey Graham says State Department working on Brittney Griner case

US Senator Lindsey Graham is concerned about Brittney Griner. Tell TMZ He is “extremely” worried about WNBA stars and other Americans currently in Russia.

“We need to put as much pressure as we can to ensure that this young woman is going home,” he said.

Graham said he knew that “the State Department was involved” when asked if anything was happening in her case.

Comments come after US Secretary of State Antony Blinken Sunday said The United States “provides as much support as possible” to citizens detained abroad. Blinken refused to comment further on Greener’s case due to privacy concerns.

“We have an embassy team working on the case of another American detained in Russia,” he said. “We are doing everything we can to ensure that their rights are upheld and respected.”

Greener was detained in February I’m reportedly traveling with hashish oil In her luggage. She was on her way back to Russia to play with UMMC Yekaterinburg.

According to a statement released by the Russian Federation Customs Get the New York Times, The criminal case was opened to “massive drug transport”. Up to 10 years in prison can be imposed in Russia.

Other WNBA players, including MVP John Kell Jones, have evacuated Russia and Ukraine as the conflict between the two countries intensifies. FIBA has also banned Yekaterinburg and other Russian teams from participating in the EuroLeague playoffs.

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