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BosperA PR company that maps tech companies, in collaboration with nine other major agencies, is a virtual employment statement for PR professionals looking to move out of Texas as a result of Texas’s most restrictive abortion ban. Host a meeting. The PRoviding Choices Virtual Job Information SessionWill be available for public relations and communication, starting at 7am CDT on November 4th and running for 30 days, where it does not expose women to dangerous restrictions or impose reckless vigilants on their bodies. Introducing many roles. Job fairs are free to attend and anyone who wants to work for a company that cares about reproductive health can attend.

The participating organizations are as follows.


“From the moment we announced the relocation plan on September 9, we wanted other public relations agencies to participate in this effort. Julie Karbo of Karbo Communications learned of our proposal, contacted us and virtualized. We were thrilled when we proposed a job fair. When other Silicon Valley-based agencies heard about our activities, they asked us to participate in this effort. When you have a swell, movement is born. There is a Texas brain drain. ”

– – Curtis Spaller, Principal and Co-founder of Bosper

Karbo Communications

“It’s time to draw a line in the sand. Not only in Texas, but in many other states, attacks on women’s freedom require them to confront businesses. This is a trend that affects women only. I can’t help but think that this attack on freedom of choice echoes in every corner of the country and affects us all. It’s especially cruel to those left behind. We support. Open the door to those who want a trendy, innovative and fast-paced workplace. If you are passionate about technology and doing the right thing, you can find the spirit of home and relatives at KarboCom. prize.”

– Julie Karbo, Founder and CEO of Karbo Communications

Bateman Agency

“Openly as CEO of a gay public relations agency and founder with a majority of female staff, I am working to protect the hard-earned rights women have to control their bodies. Feels obliged to join the owners of fellow agencies. Obviously, the Texas Republican-controlled government wasn’t satisfied with just restricting access to reproductive services, and all previously estranged. I feel bold about putting the clock back in the pre-Stonewall era, which puts the group’s civil rights at risk. This is the first attack and needs to be stopped, or the fight for ongoing progress. Will be lost. ”

– – Fred Bateman, CEO and Founder of Bateman Agency

BOCA Communications

“BOCA Communications is a PR agency founded by women who are very passionate about women’s rights, not to mention human rights in the United States and around the world. We are an era of diversity, fairness and inclusion. But more than 50 years after the women’s liberation movement, government officials are still using tactics of fear of reproductive rights, not shameful, not shameful. I am attending a PRoviding Choices employment briefing to help women in Texas and let us know that we still have freedom and choice. BOCA is here for you. We have this Got it! ”

– – Kathleen Shanahan, CEO and Founder of BOCA Communications

Evolution MKD

“As a female business owner who hires women, and as a man who supports women, the attacks on women’s health care choices have been upset and anxious for my team and me. We are equal in wages. Being private and equal is an important stepping stone to being treated equally in our society. When we hear what Bospar is doing, we want to get involved right away. We need talent, and how better is it to acquire talent than to offer the option to work in a place that complies with less stringent laws? “

– Megan Driscoll, CEO and Founder, evolveMKD

High wire PR

“Texas has shown a tragic disregard for women’s health, security and constitutional rights. Fortunately, communication is a very popular, portable carrier and state. We are determined to offer new options and safe havens for professionals who want to leave. As a women-owned company with an unwavering focus on diversity, fairness and inclusiveness, we are all people. We welcome you and promise to support your team members with sympathy and encouragement through many stages and life choices. ”

– – Carol Carrubba, Principal of Highwire PR

Manhattan strategy

“Society is grateful to be a partner in the PRovidingChoices job fair, as it relies on a new generation of transformants who are digital natives guided by moral principles and energized by the movement. When a state like deprives half of its citizens of the right to make decisions about their bodies, it is first and foremost an insult, and secondly, it is detrimental to the economy, which relies on the independent prosperity of women and men. Governor Abbott also claims that he can deprive women of choice and run states that bring business to Texas, but the two are dependent on each other. Fortunately, they are always new away from Texas. You can get a job. ”

– – Stephanie Stark, Managing Partner, Manhattan Strategy

Redwood Climate Communication

“Just as we strive to protect human well-being by contributing to climate change solutions, Redwood’s values ​​protect the rights and freedoms of our current and future employees. The Texas Artificial Pregnancy Act not only destroys individuals’ right to decide what is best for their bodies, their families and the future, but also makes citizens conflict with each other. It’s the exact opposite of values. We’re proud to offer Texas telecommunications professionals some small new options while the state government is picking up big options. ”

– – Josh Garrett, CEO and co-founder of Redwood Climate Communications.

Strange brewing strategy

“Strange Brew is committed to ensuring that employees, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation or identity, enjoy the protection of their freedom and rights. Texas law ensures that their rights are. We are pleased to offer the potential to PR professionals who feel infringed. “

– – Dave Donohue, co-founder of Strange Brew Strategies

Trier and Company

“As one of the largest women-owned companies in the Bay Area, Trier and Company Included, everyone wins. The strength lies in the differences, not the similarities. And when everyone has the right to make a choice, whatever that choice, we represent a democratic society. “

– Beth Trier, CEO, Trier and Company

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