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Major White Lotus Season 1 Character Is Returning For Season 3

CelebritiesMajor White Lotus Season 1 Character Is Returning For Season 3

Belinda is back in business.

Natasha Rothwellwho played White Lotus Spa manager Belinda Lindsay in season one of HBO’s White lotus, returning for season three, with the network confirming E! news.

While specific details of Belinda’s return remain a secret, we Doing Know that the highly anticipated third season will visit another White Lotus Resort—this time in Thailand.

If you’ll recall, Belinda’s season one storyline ended on a disappointing note after Tanya McQuaid promised her money (jennifer coolidge) remained unfulfilled to open his own business.

So, maybe Belinda is working at the resort in Thailand? Maybe he is a hotel guest this time? Maybe he’s taken over the whole operation?!

Whatever the case may be, she’ll get no revenge on Tanya because she—spoiler alert!—died in the second season finale. But maybe he left Belinda some money in his will? only time will tell!

At this time, no other season three casting has been announced. However, when fellow season one star connie britton Was asked by E! She’ll be dispelling rumors about news in January Too While returning, he bit his tongue and said, “My lips are sealed!”

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