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ten years. how long was it since vile people last put out an album when he was part of the revered and successful gothic-infused melodic rock band His, Four years after the band’s 2013 release teardrop, The members of HIM went their separate ways. Although Ville maintained a presence in the music world, he didn’t release a proper solo project—until he came neon noir In January. “I think the special thing for me while working on the new album was that for the first time in a long, long time, I was able to lose myself in the music in a very childlike fashion,” he explains. HollywoodLife about this collection.

“There wasn’t much noise around me other than music, and I was at least able to really lose myself in it,” he continues. “I’ll just forget about the outside world, and I think that’s very healthy. It’s something I probably forgot about along the way. And again, with the band, there’s the noise of communication and camaraderie, And there’s always something going on – which is lovely because when you’re in a band of brothers that’s how it should be. They’ve known each other all their lives. There’s a lot more to music than that.”

“But about the new album, I didn’t have that,” says VV. “Nobody was calling me up and asking me to pick up any Starbucks orders or anything like that, which is part of everyday studio life. So I was able to really pay attention to the little things.” , but also, big, bold brush strokes like why am I doing this and that doesn’t necessarily make me tick, but what makes this whole combination tick?

neon noir Feels like an upgrade. The sound that helped define late 90s/early 2000s rock and metal shines through throughout the album. The album refined Vile’s natural charisma, focusing his distinctive songwriting voice on his strongest yet. The music is mesmerizing, with touches of humor and darkness.

Does he feel like this album has inspired him to find out ‘why is he doing this?’ “Oh, I think I do because it lets me do that,” he tells HL, “which means that the music has been a very forgiving and incredibly generous music. It’s that I want to show the world.” How I see or hear and how I interpret the world. And it’s always been mine, not necessarily a crutch, but a helping hand in a way.

“Music has been my shoulder to cry on on many occasions, and it has always given me a reason to wake up in the morning,” he says. “And I think everyone has one thing in common. It could be family, for some it could be their job or a passion. For Ville, it’s music.

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He admitted that there was a moment when he “wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to do it and make music that resonated with myself, and anybody else.” He says, “I went back to that original kind of original scream-type emotion. And I think that was [benefit] Maybe without it because of COVID, I wouldn’t have pushed myself into that corner and been forced to think about all those things, those existential questions. But once again, trying to find some positive out of the negative.”

neon noir A blessed marriage of opposites and contradictions. “In Trenodia” soars with beauty, leaving the listener in a haze similar to a lover drowning in the orange glow of a sunset. Nevertheless, as the song climaxes, VV sings, “We’re high on the dying sun, high on the dying sun.” It is, as he sings, “a love song for the lost and lonely / A monody for all loving hearts.” It is beautiful and sad, joyful and sad.

While Wiley has always walked where those opposite forces meet, he says that this time, “there’s a certain ease, and you might even call it grace”. neon noir, “It’s not forced. To me, that’s how the album feels. It doesn’t feel forced; it all feels very natural.

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“At times, especially when I was younger, when you have contrasting elements where you have that juxtaposition at times, it just feels really easily forced. But, on this album, for whatever reason, I think it sounds very natural. And sometimes words coming in with contradictory melodies that don’t seem to fit and that create a new kind of perspective or a new feeling, that’s exactly what I was hoping for,” he They say.

“But, it’s not something I could do – it’s not a muscle, it’s not something I could just set That’s what I’m going to do now. I’m not smart enough for this,” he says. It’s not muscle, it’s not something I can decide I’m going to do now. I’m not smart enough for this. So I’m going to try Trinodia. Was happy to have a word that doesn’t exist.”

“Trinodia,” VV shares, is an alternative to utopia and dystopia. “In Trinodia,” he says, “there is a solo vocal piece, which is very sad. So I thought Trinodia is my utopia, a world of sad song. And there we are safe, and there we are in the height of the dying sun.” We go on repeating like a mandala, we go on repeating these truths and half-truths.

“And it is, in a way, because I think we humans have been messed up enough,” he continued. “It has some kind of endearing quality. If the human species, if we’re superheroes, I think our super quality would be the ability to fix everything instantly. And we feel it, and we’re still doing it.” . It’s amazing. And I’m doing my best. I’m not big. I don’t want to be, but I’m too old for the barricade. My knees can’t take it anymore.”

“It’s like some david lynch Back to movies or whatever,” he thinks. “I always used him as a reference, or maybe a better reference blade Runner, I’ve been thinking about it because someone asked me if neon noir A film would be like, which film would represent it? I think blade Runner is a good example and a good way to start a discussion because it covers a lot of different styles and does it seamlessly. And the fact that it has heart and emotion, which is quite rare in that type of film.

“Then it’s Philip Marlowe There’s things like film noir going on and then high-tech things and everything in between. I think in that sense it’s a perfect film and in that sense it probably represents something that I was unconsciously but still somehow wanted to make.

VV has been sharing that vision with North American audiences since early April when he embarked on his first headlining tour essentially as a solo act. When the month-long tour comes to an end, he will head to Las Vegas to prepare for the epic one-day festival, Sick New World. rant System of a Down, Korn, Deftones, and Incubus, The festival captures the late 90s, early 2000s with a dash of modern acts – Turnstile, Death Grips, Spiritbox, Scoul , among some legends The Sisters of Mercy, Skinny Puppy, My Life with the Thrill Kill Cult, Killing Joke, And kfmdm,

“We’re laughing about it,” he says. “Everyone knows who’s playing there, laughing about the fact that everyone wishes they could sort out the schedule really early so they’d know when they could see all their favorites. So it sounds like Is that his own gigs there is another experience, but we are fans too.

“We’re playing a 50-50 game between new and old stuff,” he says of his tour. neon noir But also some classic HIM tracks. “And then there’s kind of zig-zagging between sets, so there’s a new song, and then we go back a decade or two, and it seems to work really well, and the audience is at least It really works well in Europe, so I hope it works in the States as well.

(Juha Mustonen)

“The band is playing great,” he says. “I hope it resonates and people listen and hopefully we feel too. And it’s a long task I know and easier said than done, but we’re willing to try, and fingers crossed Are.

while there is every possibility neon noir Has and will continue to resonate with fans – a pioneer of both HIM and the ‘love metal’ sound VV – the album is already a success in their minds. “I think the great thing about the album is that I was able to make it,” he says. “Not necessarily, anymore, whether it’s any good, but the fact that I was able to pull it off because when I started it was quite a tall order. And I’m really happy that I’m on this side of it now.” , especially coming on tour to be able to live those feelings with some of HIM’s stuff like the old days. And it’s incredibly good to be in that kind of mental space now. stars for whatever reason I don’t know. But I want to keep writing that wave until the wave is over.

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