March 2022 Cancer Month Horoscope

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  • March 2: New Moon in Pisces
  • March 5: Venus and Mars enter Aquarius
  • March 18: Full moon in Virgo
  • March 20: The sun enters Aries / Spring Equinox
  • March 31: New Moon in Aries

    Buckle up, you have sweet cancer, March is officially here! Compassion is your middle name.That’s why you feel that kind of familiarity Pisces seasonal energy.. Your current focus is on broadening your point of view and your horizons. This feeling is strengthened by the new moon of Pisces on March 2: Adventure is calling your name. This is the perfect time to set your travel intent and enroll in an intriguing class. You remind yourself that part of being human is an eternal student.

    On March 3rd, when Venus, Mars, and Pluto meet in the sector of your chart-dominated partnership, strength may have a big impact on your relationship. This is when you call an operational or imbalanced behavior that you need to deal with. A few days later, when Venus and Mars meet in the sign of Aquarius, your inner world will make a fresh start on March 6. This energy requires you to look back on your emotional past. You have the courage and curiosity to face unhealthy patterns head-on. At this point, it’s important to allow trusted people to be vulnerable.

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    Then on March 13th, when the Sun and Neptune meet in Pisces, you may feel that you are receiving a spiritual download. If you are not a spiritual person, you may feel a sense of adventure or a different world atmosphere. If you’re practicing meditation or tracking your dreams, today is a day to keep an eye out for signs.

    The full moon of Virgo on March 18 lays the foundation for important conversations. You are telling what is in your heart, and it can feel like an emotional liberation. This conversation can contain shocking news related to siblings and extended families. Since the moon is the ruler of your planet, it’s no wonder that the new moon and the full moon can pack extra punches for you. Ready to shift gear on March 20th when the sun enters Aries, all focus will be on your career and reputation. All eyes are on you! This may be the time to raise awareness in the workplace. Or it might be talked about on social media.

    Tensions between groups of friends may increase on March 22, when Mars in Aquarius has a tough conversation with Uranus in Taurus. Think twice before you act. On March 27th, you will receive news about your career. If you are eager to change your pace at work, come here. A few days later, on March 31, the Aries New Moon sets the stage for a new start in the area of ​​charts related to work and heritage, so it’s all about the timing of the sacred universe. Are you satisfied with your work? Does the company you work for match your values? When you’re ready for change, this is a powerful time to bring in new opportunities.

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