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Image credit: TLC

Mark There’s concern that their romantic endeavors in Morocco could jeopardize the country’s conversational culture on TLC’s latest hit show meet me abroad, In this exclusive preview of the Sunday, May 28 episode, the 44-year-old Arizona native learns about the do’s and don’ts of dating in the North African country and discovers they can’t go along with their eclectic style of love Are. “I knew Morocco and the Arab world were a bit more conservative, but I was not at all prepared for what I was hearing,” Mark revealed in a confessional statement.

The clip begins with the concierge at a hotel, Fatima, giving Mark 411 on local traditions. “The first thing you should know is that this is a conservative country,” says Fatima. “It is absolutely forbidden to have a female friend with you in a room, in a hotel, if you are not married, that is the law.”

And with this Mark is already taken aback. “No, come on! Like it’s totally illegal, like you go to jail?” Mark asks incredulously. “Yeah, of course,” Fatima replies, before letting off another rant. “And another thing: any intimacy in public. No, not kissing in public.” After Mark asks if holding hands is kosher, Fatima replies, “It’s not really proper in Morocco.”

In The Confession, Mark builds on what he’s learned so far from Fatima. “You can’t hug, you can’t kiss, so you’re definitely not getting the girls back at your place,” he recalls before wondering, “Have every single date end with a handshake?” Has it been?”

Mark is surprised by the conservative dating rules in Morocco. (TLC)

He continues to fret, saying, “I’m definitely worried about hooking up with someone and then there’s nothing to physically see if it’s there or not because whoever I’m with out, it’s always been physical. And if we don’t have that aspect, it’s hard to judge how well we get along.

Find out how Mark handles his first date when the full episode airs Sunday, May 28. meet me abroad as it continues every sunday tlc,

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