Mass Killing in Florida Gay Nightclub Stirs Outpour of Grief and Horror

(Woman) — “I’m not eating or sleeping,” Andymos, a survivor of the deadly rampage tears at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida, told CNN on Sunday night. He was in the club with him.

President Barack Obama has not yet released the names of many dead, has no information on the people who were directly killed in the shootings, killed 50 people and injured 53, including the shootings. did. A flag raised on a half-mast in memory of the people Until June 16th.

President slaughtered on Sunday Acts of fear and acts of hatred By a man who called 911 on Saturday night to pledge allegiance to ISIS. The president repeated demands for gun control.

On behalf of Women’s eNews, Interim Managing Director Kristen Elechko expresses sympathy for all those whose lives have been devastated by violent acts. “We also extend solidarity to the LGBTQ + community and all those affected by this tragedy,” says Elechko. “I am sad and angry at the fact that I must come together as a country to mourn the innocent lives of those lost in gun violence, rather than celebrating the diversity that makes the country wonderful. We have to work at crossroads to overcome this brutal and previous act. It’s been a long time ago to deal with gun violence. “

The Shooting suspect Omar MateenThe police killed an American citizen who was born in New York, lived in Florida, and was hired as an armed guard. His parents were born in Afghanistan. Matine’s father apologized for his son’s actions and described them as unexplained. His son, who ended his marriage on suspicion of spousal abuse, expressed hostility to the LGBT community.

In 2009, Congress voted to include those attacked for sexual orientation as a class of victims protected under federal hate crime law. Vox reported, With a list of US representatives who voted against expanding that protection at the time.

A representative of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, based in Washington, DC, condolenced and blamed ISIS for a press conference and television appearance on Sunday. Nihad Awad, National Managing Director of CAIRCalled “abnormal”.

A man in Santa Monica, California, was arrested Sunday morning in a car full of weapons and ammunition, as police described it as an unrelated incident. Apparently he intended to attack the LA Pride Festival in West Hollywood. Los Angeles Times reported..

“Our heart is broken because of the victims of the horrific tragedy in Orlando and their families.” Sarah Kate Ellis, President and CEO of GLAAD Said in a statement on June 12. “This unimaginable atrocities not only robbed countless people of their loved ones, but also of peace of mind within the LGBTQ community. All forms of hatred when mourning the victims of unspeakable attacks. I also remember that I had to continue working to finish it. “

GladThe National Media Surveillance Group said it has sent a team to Orlando to support the local LGBTQ organization.

Orlando City Commission Patty Sheehan, the city’s first publicly elected homosexual official Video statement of anger and shock to the Associated PressAs a member of the LGBTQ community, she said it was a tough moment to join “this facility” and mentioned the pulse nightclub that President Barack Obama described in a television appearance as a place of solidarity and empowerment.

The flowers were left outside Stonewall Inn in New York City, The scene of the 1969 riot that started the gay rights movement.on It became a meeting place on Sunday night Participate in national rallies for the Orlando Massacre mourners.

In Paris Terrorist attack in November 2015, Approximately 100 people covered in rainbow flags gathered for the spontaneous memory of those attacked in Orlando. Associated Press reported..

The slaughter is LGBT Pride Month Politico reports trembling through the US LGBT communityThe fear of a lone wolf attacking soft targets such as schools, shopping centers and nightclubs was already increasing.

Blood donors from Central Florida have come out in large numbers to donate blood to hospitalized victims, Orlando Sentinel reportedOverwhelmed the blood bankers who stopped coming on Sundays when more donations were needed and asked them to make promises for the coming day instead.

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