Meaning and horoscope of the full moon constellation in Leo

Another day, another full moon.. The full moon in February will take place at Leo’s Royal Palace February 16th. Surrounded by sparkling gold and clear desires, Leo’s Moon wants us to act with confidence.

When Aquarius sun And in the full moon of Leo, your purpose is for you to be as proud of the people around you as you are. A group of lions prideSee! The Moon in Leo reminds you that people are worth fighting, regardless of your personal feelings. Humility is also the key to this transfer. If you know your worth, you don’t have to prove yourself to others.

Under this full moonFocus your energy on the development of your friendships and communities. Which member of your lion’s pride is taking you to the water?

Read your full moon horoscope:


You may have a lot of creative ideas, but before putting them into action, take a seat and listen to what the people around you have to offer. Don’t take their opinions too personally. They may have constructive suggestions to help them take them to the next level.


There is a part of you that misses your home, your family, and especially your bed. In many respects, you are burning the wick at both ends. Please be kind to yourself. The full moon is calling on you to draw your attention to your career. Please proceed at your own pace.


Gemini, slow down your roll! You may feel called to raise your voice, but be careful. Leo’s Moon is especially proud of you. Before sharing your opinion, try to calm down and dig deeper to understand them. If you take the time to read and deepen your understanding, it will make a difference in the world.


You are a magnet to success and it has given you peace of mind and confidence. You know that you can keep your head afloat when the tide comes! Now take the time to make sure your close friends are also fine-your team is leveling up.


If you can set your pride aside and be vigilant, you can accept people. There are many difficulties in life and you may feel that you want to act as if you were fine. You do not live alone on the island. Ask for help when you need it.


Your creative project makes you much more aware of the unfair pedestal on which you put yourself. Set others aside: This full moon reminds you to take your time to relax. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Let’s relax.


If you accept love, know that you are free to meet. You are a compassionate spirit and have space for those in need. You too deserve to be accepted and treated with kindness. Under this full moon, make room for someone who deserves to be in your romance home.


Take a break from problems with your career and direct your attention to your home and family. You tend to immerse yourself in your work, but this full moon gives you permission to relax. Labor always asks for you, but families don’t. Be sure to share the time you spend with them. A creative approach to old activities will help you build your bond.


You have grasped your tongue for the past few years and have directly learned that you are not an omniscient being. Growth came from listening, and now this full moon offers you the ability to share what you know. Sagittarius, be confident. Stars are grateful when you prove that you are wise.


Through patience and dedication, you have the opportunity to shine. This full moon gives you a slice of pride and a glass of humility. You may have had to save on financial spending lately. If you do so, you are now beginning to see the rewards.


This full moon is the perfect time for you to take up space for yourself. After sharing yourself with others, allow others around you to share yourself with you. Your figurative glass needs to be refilled. Make sure you’re doing what you need, whether it’s time alone or catching up with a close friend.


Of course, you are called to take up space during this full moon — it’s an easy task for those who have a prominent Pisces energy. You have some concerns about your job. Take the time to ponder and pay close attention to your dreams to understand how to handle them. You know your feelings, but you may need help to put your feelings into words.

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