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Netflix Movie – Everything To Know About Hollywood Life

CelebritiesNetflix Movie – Everything To Know About Hollywood Life

perfect search

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  • perfect search is an upcoming Netflix rom-com.
  • Gabrielle Union stars in the film.
  • perfect search To be released on June 23, 2023.

Gabrielle UnionThe 50-year-old is back in the world of rom-coms in her upcoming Netflix film perfect search, Gabrielle plays a 40-year-old woman who is resurging in the fashion industry, but her career is put in jeopardy when she falls in love with one of her much younger co-workers. That co-worker just happens to be his boss’s son. film, directed by Numa Perrybased on Tia Williams’ 2016 book of the same name. From release date to cast, here’s everything you need to know perfect search,

perfect search
The Perfect Find (Photo: Netflix)

perfect search release date

the perfect Get Will be released on Netflix on June 23. The streamer announced the release date of the film on 13 March. Netflix hasn’t debuted its trailer perfect search Till now, but it has released some first-look photos from the film.

perfect search mold

perfect search
The Perfect Find (Photo: Netflix)

Gabrielle Union plays Jenna Jones perfect search, Gabrielle hasn’t starred in a rom-com in nearly a decade, since the 2014 sequel think like a Man, Gabrielle said she can relate to her character in her new Netflix film. “Jenna is going through a work and love turmoil trying to figure out her next chapter, and I was going through literally the same thing,” she told Netflix’s Tudum. “I felt like I was that in a way. I really relate to the idea of ​​trying to figure out what your next step is when you feel broken, you try to put yourself back together. doing. And then I really wanted to make a great classic, wonderful rom-com. Gabriel is also an executive producer on the film through his production company, I’ll Have Another.

Keith Powers, 30, plays Gabrielle’s on-screen colleague/boyfriend, Eric. Keith is best known for the film Straight Outta Compton, Gabriel told Vanity Fair that she and her husband Dwyane Wade She was friends with Keith when they were dating the actor Ryan Destiny, “It was a natural progression of a friendship that already existed, but it comes out of respect. He has a lot of respect for Dwayne, I have a lot of respect for Ryan, and it made working with Yes,” Gabriel said.

Gabrielle Union
Gabrielle Union in ‘The Perfect Find’ (Photo: Netflix)

Gina Torres Darcy Vail as Jenna’s boss and Eric’s mother. Darcy and Jenna are former rivals who have to start working together. Their relationship becomes more complicated when Jenna falls in love with Eric. lala anthony, Ayesha Hinds, DB Woodside, And Janet Hubert There are also stars in the film.

What is perfect search About this?

Netflix official description perfect search reads, “Would a 40-year-old woman with everything on the line – her high-stakes career, ticking biological clock, bank account – risk it all for an intensely sensual secret romance with a man, Good for who can destroy his return?”

perfect search
The Perfect Find (Photo: Netflix)

Gabriel and director Numa Perry teased more about perfect search in his interview with Vanity Fair, Numa said that it was important to her to channel black fashion in the film. “For the production design, I said, ‘It’s maximalism,'” Numa said. “Being black in fashion is brutal. I really wanted to be able to celebrate what it can do and what it should look like for black women to have that space and all that ownership.

Gabrielle said she appreciates it perfect search There is a meaningful message for women. ,[It] Something really sparked in me about older women and how we can often disappear from society, almost, in terms of people looking at us like we’re past our prime,” bring it on Starr said. “We put no value, that nobody sees value in a woman over 28, much less 35, much less 40. But baby, I’m thriving. So I wanted something that spoke to her that I haven’t done it before. Which is tough, because I’ve done a lot of rom-coms. It’s new. I’m thrilled.”

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