New ’21 Leaders for the 21st Century’ Honorees Announced, as the 2021 Event Goes Virtual

To ensure the safety and security of 2021 winners, chairs, presenters and attendees due to the protracted variant of Covid-19, Women’s eNews has abandoned the face-to-face gala and replaced it for the second consecutive year. Decided to deliver it to you in substance.

Here is a list of our second best winners.

Please join us By celebrating each with our virtual gala on October 19th:

Devika Bruchandani, Ogilvy North America

Devika Bruchandani Is the CEO of Ogilvy North America And the global chairman of advertising. She is responsible for driving all aspects of Ogilvy’s core business across the United States and Canada, spanning advertising, brand and content, public relations and influence, experience, growth and innovation, and health. She also supports Ogilvy’s advertising business throughout its global network. Bruchandani is deeply committed to social objectives that promote equality, diversity and inclusiveness.She is a founding member of Time’s Up Advertising, She has been a constant advocate for the equality of advertising women, especially women of color. To celebrate International Women’s Day 2019, Devica has gathered industry colleagues to discuss in partnership with NYWICI, AAF and Bloomberg Media featuring pioneering women on Madison Avenue. In 2017, she was named “Working Mothers of the Year” by RunsIt and is a former winner of the AdColor Innovator Award.

Helene Goldsmith-Thomas, Nuyorikan Productions

Helene Goldsmith-Thomas American film producer Goldsmith-Thomas Productions.. As one of Hollywood’s few female film producers, she has represented prominent artists such as: Julia Roberts , Jennifer Lopez , Jennifer Connelly When Susan Sarandon..Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas and Jennifer Lopez are currently co-presidents of film and television production companies. Nuyorikan Productions.. In June 2021, Netflix and Nuyorican Productions to produce slate of films, television series, scripted and unscripted content with a focus on projects that support a variety of female actors, writers and filmmakers. Announced a multi-year first-look deal. Goldsmith-The following is a list of Thomas’ previous movies. 2002: A love story between me, him and Manhattan (Made in Manhattan); 2003: Mona Lisa’s smile (Mona Lisa Smile); 2004: Former girlfriend of my boyfriend (Little Black Book); 2007: Temptation of strangers (Perfect Stranger); 2008: Kit Kitridge: American Girl; 2009: Bandslam – Get ready for rock! (Band Slam); 2018: Queen of Manhattan (Act II); 2019: Hustler

Sydney Montgomery, S. Montgomery Admissions Consulting

Sydney MontgomeryIs the CEO of S. Montgomery Admissions ConsultingSpecializes in assisting first-generation and minority college and law school applicants. 27-year-old Montgomery is one of the only prominent women in the law school admissions consulting industry. After graduating from Princeton University and Harvard University, Sydney strives to dismantle systematic racism in education and empower counselors and universities through published articles, lectures, and college equity indexes. increase. She also empowers women, especially religious women, to pursue higher education and entrepreneurship that serve social interests.Montgomery is a co-founder College Equity First, Inc.. , A member of the Advisory Board of the Institute for Anti-Racism Education, she volunteers for her time with law school transparency. She is a professional member of the Association of Independent Education Consultants, and she is the chair of the Graduate School Committee and a member of the Institutional Review Board.

Nahid Shaharimi, Get up for Unity

Nahid Shaharimi An international consultant on human rights activists, artists, filmmakers, and gender. He currently lives in Munich, Germany with his two daughters and was forced to leave Afghanistan in 1985. It was the witness of the destruction of her country under Soviet occupation as a child that ignited her passion for devoting her life to promoting her peace within Nahid. , Forgiveness, respect and acceptance. From 2014 to 2018, Nahid traveled 19 times to Afghanistan, collecting inspiring stories of hope and courage from women, a great testament to her resilience. & Inspiring Afghan Women Published in 2017 Elizabeth Sandman Publishing.. This is a continuation of Nahid’s creative global series launched in 2009.We womenA collection of inspiring stories of courageous and resilient women from around the world, told through three creative pillars, including portrait painting, books and documentary films. Nahid recently saidWe Women in Afghanistan: Quiet Revolution, ”Multiple award-winning documentary films. Nahid is also the founder of the international campaign.Get up for UnityPromotes unity through diversity. The campaign has traveled around the world, gaining support and awareness from celebrities such as the Dalai Lama.

Lisa Sharkey, HarperCollins Publishing Company

Lisa Sharkey HarperCollins Publishers’ SVP of Creative Development is a powerful, inspirational and compelling storytelling champion. More than 50 books she published have become bestsellers, including those written by women who have accomplished extraordinary things and changed the world by telling stories. They include: Khair Khana dressmaker, According to former ABC journalist Gale Zemak Lemon, who tells the fascinating true story of Camilla Sidiki and other Afghan women in the wake of the terrifying rise of the Taliban’s power. Stolen Innocence Elissa Wall, Grip New York Times A memoir of the best-selling courageous former member of Utah’s infamous FLDS polygamy. Its powerful court testimony helped convict the controversial sectarian leader Warren Jeffs in September 2007.When Beauty chicRene Englen, Ph, an award-winning professor of psychology at Northwestern University. D. Reveals that cultural attachment to women’s appearance is a fad that undermines women’s ability to move forward and lead a happy and meaningful life. In addition, Mr. Sharkey is leading military veterans who are transitioning to civilian life, many of whom are women.

Cynthia Richie Terrell, Representative woman

Cynthia Richie Terrell Founder and Executive Director of Representative womanFounding member of ReflectUS A frank supporter of coalitions and institutional reforms to advance women’s representation and leadership in the United States.Her Terrell and her husband Rob Ritchie FairVote – Independent defenders of election reform that give voters more choices, stronger voices, and more representative democracy. Terrell has been working on projects related to reforming women’s representatives, democracy and the voting system in the United States, and has worked extensively to help parliamentarians around the world reach the United Nations goals for women’s representatives and leadership. I did. Terrell is also a political campaign as a campaign manager and field director for state and city-wide initiative initiatives, including US Presidential Candidates, US House of Representatives and US Senators, Governor, Amendment of Equal Rights in the State of Iowa, and City Campaigns. I have been working on. For a fair representative vote.

Mary Kim Titra, San Carlos Apache Nation

Mary Kim Titra Is a member of San Carlos Apache Nation Located in the southeastern part of Arizona. Ms. Titla is a Native American youth advocate, former television broadcaster, and former school administrator. A 20-year veteran TV news reporter (especially Tucson’s KVOA, who became the first Native American TV journalist in Arizona in 1987 and later KPNX in Phoenix), she spent most of her career on NBC affiliates in Arizona. Was working at. In 2007, she was inducted into the Arizona State University Hall of Fame. She estimates that she tells 5,000 stories in her career, and she has won awards from the Associated Press, Arizona Press Club, and Native American Journalists Association.Currently she is Executive Director of United National Indian Tribal Youth (UNITY), A national non-profit organization that promotes youth leadership, citizenship and self-development among Native American youth. She is also a journalist for Women’s News’ new podcast series. “Aboriginal female leaders say.. “

For a complete list of Honorees and Gala chairs, please click here.

The last seven will be announced in the coming weeks!

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