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In collaboration with Women’s eNews, Amy Feliz (writer, writer, screenwriter) and Beth Broday (producer / director) have created and curated columns designed to inspire, encourage, awaken and enlighten MEN. did. We have a team of great men who write on topics such as love, family, sexuality, compassion, forgiveness, empathy, and vulnerabilities, to name just a few. Our ardent wish is not only to include the voice of men in conversations that are often reserved for women, but that all men stand with us, by us, and for us. Encourage them to open their hearts and minds so that they can do it. To defend our cause, support our mission, march with us, carry all our stories, and help lift. I’m excited to launch this column so that men can speak up, share stories, participate and stand side by side with women.

This is the first in the series:

On valentine’s day

Rob Galvin

Those opening moments are magical, and on the first day someone discovers a soul that opens towards you and blooms like a rose.

At moments when the distance is unbearable, the precious few inches between the two bodies staring at each other’s eyes under the light of the full moon retains the energy of the tantra that no one else can find alone. ..

This is special.

Everything changes in your life.

The stars shine brightly, the laughter lasts a long time, and the smile tells a thousand stories and many secrets. The scent of her perfume, the taste of their lips, and the current sent straight from the essence of the universe flow through your fingertips with a few connections. The magic lies in holding hands, and all weight is measured by the hardness of the grip while remaining soft. The act of balancing to master when two fall in love … these moments of learning, They are magical.

I met my love, my magic, Kagin Marie Dwyer on Easter Sunday in 2003.

A beautiful sunny day overlooking Port Newark when she entered my life on the waterfront in Bayonne, NJ. She walked towards the water and sat next to me.

It’s always thanks to the city by the sea that I have introduced my love.

I was homeless, engrossed in many different types of escape, and had no rewarding work or instructions. All I had was a backpack, a notebook, and the clothes I wore on my back.

At the age of 17, Kagin lived with his friend’s family. Her story was far more painful than anything I’ve ever heard. I didn’t want to protect her because she had experienced so much loss and abuse in her life, but she had to protect her. She lost her father at the age of two. She was just her baby and her stepfather when she was young. Her mother, a victim of addiction, she was completely unreliable and she was unreliable. Kagin’s only sanctuary was found in her grandparents who raised her.

What she saw and the life she endured when she was young could fill the book. The story of a sad girl that no one should live. She built a wall and avoided her affection. Her trust became so valuable that she couldn’t give up easily. Her grandparents balanced chaos and love, which above all created this amazingly complex woman.

The magic remained stable – focused and taking our love one step further every day. I was reckless and angry with the world in the lost northeastern jersey storm.

she was Just me Light.

She loved the side of my “fixer upper”: the caretaker, the saver. The wild propensity, coupled with the thrill of young love, will make the child do some out-of-pocket things.

I dragged people out of the car window to insult her, robbed people to serve food, and to tell the truth, that’s how I bought her an engagement ring .. I do anything for that her smile, that her magical piece – for that her love, my love.

She trained me to be what I should be. The only thing I’ve always been good at is … paternity.

All I wanted in my life was to be a father. Our childhood trauma combination fueled the ambition to leave this world as a gift rather than a burden, better than we had and better than they did.

Early on, we decided to do our best to raise not only “happy” children, but also “extraordinary” children. I wanted to raise people who would change the world, but at a cost.

Tommy is now 14 years old and both Kagin and I are mixed in the same way. He’s smart, hellish funny, very laid back, private, not going to shake things too much, stealth in his maneuvers – this is my wife, he’s from her To get.

When he makes irrational decisions, dances stupidly to make people laugh, gets attention … I’m the only one. There are many things in common.

I love the boy.

Riley Riel is 11 years old and she is the exact opposite. She has a brilliantly strong heart, is curious, ferocious, and very allergic to bullshit. She is an advocate of the LGBTQIA + community, a proud ally of the BLM movement, a resolute anti-fascist, and reconciliation with anyone with a problem.

I love the girl.

Raising a child so as not to be afraid to challenge authority is a challenge in itself.As authoritative persons responsible for their well-being, we must walk the thin lines to keep them safe and disciplined. – – Motivated-and not only embrace their rebellious side to help them as they grow up to be adults in the world, but also don’t rob anyone of shit.

We want them to do what they like. We want them to be passionate about their lives. They settle on less than they deserve and don’t want them to know their value every minute of every day, so when a nasty supervisor talks to them or insults them, they I don’t feel like I’m stuck in that position for the rest of my life. We are not sending out cookie cutter robot zombies. We are raising people who will change the world.

Someone who speaks out when they see injustice.

Someone who sees it done millions of times in a certain way and says, “Why don’t you try this …?”

A person whose eyes, heart, and heart are on fire.

Those who are not afraid of the effects of moving forward.

We take what we are given as children and use it to provide the world with a smarter, stronger and better version of ourselves.

Foster people who will change the world in a world where change is absolutely necessary.

Rob Galvin A writer and merchant sailor born and raised in Bayonne, New Jersey. Tommy and Riley’s proud father, and Kagin Galvin’s husband. Rob was also a proud and loud union member during his career. He is an ally of the LGBTQIA + community and a proud advocate of women’s equality and BLM. He is currently based in Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania, spending time writing in the mountains when he’s not out at sea.


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