No Justice, No Freedom: Medical Abuse in Private Prisons

A year ago, Project South and other immigrant advocates applied for civil rights. Complaints Revealed the shocking medical abuse and invasive gynecological surgery that women detained in immigration camps in Georgia and throughout the country are suffering.It’s been a year since the complaint came out National newsEncourage the dreaded members of To Congress Request an investigation.A year from the women who survived this abuse Seeking justiceAnd wondered if something would be done about it.

Almost a year later, the answer is no. No one is held accountable.

A New report It provides chilling and detailed direct stories from multiple women and shows how brutal medical abuse in migrant detention is possible.

A woman followed, for example, “childbirth-like pain” and “the ovaries were rotten from the inside,” following a meeting with Dr. Amin, a female housewife and gynecologist, at the Irwin County Detention Center in Oshira, Georgia. “I feel like that. Others reported suffering during invasive gynecological surgery without consensus, leaving severe pain for the next few days. For some, horrific treatments recalled the painful memories of past physical and sexual abuse and re-injured them physically and psychologically.

according to Records obtained from the governmentThe US Immigration and Customs Authority (ICE) knew about medical abuse in Irwin until 2018, but did nothing to stop the breach.In fact, government officials have repeatedly documented immigration detention. Inhumane conditions Violation of basic health and safety standards in private prisons.

Indeed, Irwin, run by LaSalle Corrections, is not just a rotten apple in a private prison system. Back in January, President Biden signed Presidential directive Contracts with all “private criminal detention facilities” given “great costs and difficulties to our society” imposed by mass imprisonment and failure to provide “safe working and living conditions” for these facilities Asked for the end of.

After the complaint was filed last year, the dire situation and well-documented abuse of migrants at the Bristol County Detention Center, a facility in Irwin and Massachusetts, led to the Biden administration. announcement In May it will stop detaining migrants on both sides.However, despite the government’s declaration “Concerns about abuse of dRetention“Number of immigrants Detained in the United States Have More than double From the end of February.

To make matters worse, many of the women detained in Irwin are still suffering from the effects of the abuse they endured. Some women still have serious medical concerns and are just beginning to receive the treatment they need. Others are still upset by the lack of information about what Dr. Amin actually did. [them].. Some people Deported in retaliation for saying about the abuse they suffered Continues to be devastated by continued separation from young children left in the United States

This type of abuse is clarified by law. The U.S. government has obligations Under constitutions, legislation, and rules to protect the health and safety of detained women. Failure to provide detained migrants with basic necessities, including adequate medical care, violates due process. At a hearing held by the United Nations Commission on Human Rights this summer, members of the Commission discovered human rights abuses in Irwin and other facilities. Equivalent to torture, And sought compensation. And when protesting their abuse and attempting to deport or attempt to deport migrant women who dared to expose their harm to investigators, reporters, and members of the House of Representatives, U.S. authorities were against freedom of speech. They violated the rights of the First Amendment.

Almost a year later, survivors of these horrific abuses are still in a state of instability and need migrant relief.The Biden administration needs to take the following steps: End immigration detention, Please do not expand. Deported people must be allowed to return to the country so that they can begin rebuilding their lives and continue to participate in ongoing investigations into medical abuse in Irwin. Hmm. “We need justice and freedom,” as one ICDC survivor emphasized.

In addition, in these devastating explanations from women abused in immigrant detention – and Deteriorated and established inequality In Access to Healthcare and Treatment – ​​The United States Ultimately That A long history of racist and compulsory medical practice..

To hear a direct explanation of the abuse experienced in Click here for Irwin County Detention Center: No consent: Did doctors abuse migrant women? | Fault line

About the author: Azadeh Shahshahani, Project South, And the former president of the National Lawyers Guild. She tweets @ashahshahani. Sabi Ardalan is Director of the Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinical Program. Shahshahani and Ardalan, along with other immigration organizations, law clinics, and law firms, represent survivors of class proceedings.

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