Not Sure How to Help People in Ukraine? Here Are 5 Things You Can Do Right Now

Russia invades Ukraine It has shocked millions of people around the world. Catastrophic images show that thousands of people have been evacuated during the airstrikes in Kyiv, while others have fled to neighboring countries such as Poland and Moldova. United Nations 4.5 million refugees If the conflict continues to escalate, it will leave Ukraine and there are millions of affected children.

Here are five things you can do to help those affected by the horrific conditions that are happening in Ukraine, from donations to charities to the amplification of the voices of people on earth.

1. Donate to an organization operating in the field in Ukraine

Red Cross

The Ukrainian Red Cross (URCS) and International Committee of the Red Cross The (ICRC) is working on-site to provide food, water, medicine and shelter to those displaced by the war in Ukraine. You can donate directly to both organizations or through the British Red Cross. Ukraine crisis appeal..

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHRC)

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees bring the action To help those who have been displaced in Ukraine or whose homes have been damaged by the war. The agency provides emergency shelters, relief supplies, emergency payments, as well as access to social welfare and psychological support for people in need.

Save the Children

Save the Children Urgent appeal To distribute essential aids to children and their families, provide winter and hygiene kits, and help families give cash grants to help meet their basic needs. It also provides psychological support to children affected by the war in Ukraine.


UNICEF It has been active in Ukraine since the conflict broke out in the eastern part of Ukraine eight years ago. Charities provide families with access to clean water and nutritious foods to help ensure that children’s health and protection services continue in the face of an ongoing crisis.


CARE (Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere) Urgent appeal Food, water, Hygiene kitCash and support to those affected by the war in Ukraine through its partners Who needsAlready working in Japan.

Choose love

Choose Love is Ukrainian crisis fundraising To help provide emergency care, food, shelter, clothing, LGBTQ + community support, mental health support, and legal support for Ukrainian people and those fleeing the country.

2. Amplify the voice of Ukrainian people

Amplifying the voices of people on the ground in Ukraine, including their appeal for help on social media, helps raise awareness of what is happening in Ukraine.Many Ukrainians in the fashion industry have posted about disputes, including: Svitlana BevzaFounder, Creative Director and Designer of Bevza Vita Kin And the founder of Olya Kurishchuk, 1 Granary..

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