Olivia Rodrigo’s Unreleased Song in “Driving Home 2 U” Film on Disney Plus

This year has already proved to be an exciting year for teenage queen Olivia Rodrigo. The 19-year-old has just been selected as the Billboard Woman of the Year and will embark on her first tour.Her long-awaited sophomore album Working — the girl can do it all! Olivia talked about all her new projects, including upcoming projects Disney plus documentary, Driving Home 2U,and New interview with Rolling stone And even revealed some surprises that might come along the way.

Throughout the film, viewers will follow the Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter on a road trip from Salt Lake City, where she began writing her debut album, to Los Angeles. Olivia breaks down the process of working on her first album through new live arrangements of her songs, intimate interviews, and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the recording studio where it all happened.Around Rolling stone, Liv and her producer Dan Nigro installed a GoPro camera in his studio shortly after releasing her No. 1 hit, “driver’s license”. The footage captures the fact that they “choose the arrangements, lyrics, and song order out of order when they reach the network.”

“When you release an album or a single, it has a completely different meaning. I think that’s a great part of music,” Olivia told the outlets. “It was really fun to go back and watch the footage when the song started to form. I think the creative process is magical and they are really fun memories of my life.”

Olivia, who released music during the blockade of COVID-19, is doing her first live show for fans a few days later. Driving Home 2U Will be released. “I’m looking forward to seeing the fans in action. There’s something special that social media and technology can’t capture,” she said of her new experience.

Olivia Rodrigo SOUR Tour Ticket


Liv also finally offered a treat to the fans Driving Home 2U To celebrate her (well, almost) end sour Era – Unreleased song. The iPhone demo was originally abandoned, but Olivia revealed that it’s still underway and her official name isn’t there yet. She said, “I was listening to some [my unreleased songs] When I heard that, I thought, “Oh, I like it!”In the movie, I wanted people to have a new bit sour I’m happy with it. “

It’s the world of Olivia and I So I’m happy to live there because a new song will come soon.

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