1 billion risingThe V-Day initiative, has announced the theme and campaign for ONE BILLION RISING 2022. RISE for all women, girls, and the body of the earth.. This campaign is devastating for the devastating consequences of the vicious systems of patriarchy, imperialism, capitalism and racism that are underway in the world today, and for the power that fought over the bodies of women and the body of the earth. We are working on a great battle.

Created by a community of over 45 people 1 billion Rising Global CoordinatorsThis year’s campaign calls on communities around the world to leverage art and activism, creative resistance events and rallies both online and offline, to end violence against women, girls and the planet, and survivors rampant. In most cases you will face impunity and encourage you to shed light on fraud.

First launched on Valentine’s Day 2013, the Billion Rising began as a call for action based on the astonishing statistics that one in three women on the planet will be beaten or raped for life. rice field. Billion Women and girls based on the current world population. In the eight years since then, one billion rising activists – Global coordinator – Unleashed vast grassroots, anti-violent behavior locally, nationally and globally. This visionary work has been survivor-led and focused, revealing the power of art and activism to change culture and systems.

This year, the 9th year of 1 billion rising, The event is currently taking place and will continue until April 22nd Earth Day.. One billion rising creative resistance events take many forms, including rallies, flashmobs, and marches. Artistic rise and commitment to climate: dance videos, new songs / national anthems, poetry, poster making, theater, drum circles, documentary films, murals throughout the community. Social media campaigns; discussions; online discussions, panels, events. Safety Walk; Candlelight Vigil; Signature Campaign; Mobile Awareness in the Village; Awareness Awareness; Women’s Gatherings and Meetings. Pride March; Training with men; Healthy marches; Night walks; Bicycle rallies and more.

Activists in more than 70 countries are planning to rise in 2022, which is a snapshot of the hundreds of planned events. In Eswatini, a new for the hearing impaired, the organizers will work with Visuals Communication Pty Ltd. to engage with everyone on issues aimed at breaking communication barriers and eliminating violence against women and girls in Eswatini. Developed a short film. Billion Rising Portugal hosts a three-hour ecstatic and sacred temple dance event at a ceremony celebrating Mother Earth and the female body. In Italy, Covid’s restrictions prohibit direct events, so on February 13, organizers Zoom to an event featuring men standing up to end violence against women and girls, including Mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri. Gather at. In Tucson, Arizona, the Esperanza Dance Project will host a Valentine’s Day flashmob, inviting members of the community to share poems and personal statements, and be safe to collectively resist global sexual violence. Promotes a healing space. In Second Life, four regional stages, including art installations, live music, poetry and dramatic productions, will be held 24 hours a day, with poetry and dance events at different times, for people all over the world. You will be able to participate. Virtual event regardless of time zone. In Ghana, Uganda and Sierra Leone, activities focus on schooling and educating children about abuse, as well as how to care for and protect their bodies. In Mexico City, an art exhibition at the Mexico City Theater will feature an exclusive photo installation celebrating the naked bodies of female artists, poets, and female doctors who are at the forefront of working with Covid. .. In the Philippines, the rise of dance, poetry and other cultural activities focuses on driving women’s political agenda prior to national elections. OBR India hosts global events on caste issues, among many community events across the country, including traditional food festivals. And worldwide, at 1:00 pm on February 14, “Rejoice and Rise 2022, A Body Love Uprising” hosted by V and Middle Church Jacqueline Lewis will be zoomed in, featuring poetry, body readings, music and more. Will be.

“Last year, global blockade, government neglect, health crisis, surge in authoritarian regime, endemic exploitation of labor, increased corporate greed, worsening poverty, racism and exclusion, environment for capital There has been serious and continuous destruction and plundering of the country. As the worsening climate. At the core of all this is patriarchalism and the detrimental retention of misogynies to women’s rights and freedoms. Rape, domestic. Increasing violence, abuse, exploitation, racism, hunger and death, political persecution, restrictions on freedom and movement, forced migration, femiside, loss of fertility, and more violence. Discrimination, exclusion, poverty. The violence of inequality, occupation, exploitation, oppression, expulsion, oppression and control was severe and unforgiving. In this 2022 campaign, the bodies of all women and our planet, the “ultimate body”. Hold an artistic rise for, create rebirth, expression, rebellion, turmoil, unity, radicalization, awakening, revolution, and joy, hope, and transformation. – Monique Wilson, 1 Billion Rising Global Coordinator

In parallel with the launch of the campaign, on February 9, the Guardian specializes in the female body and the Earth’s body, curated by V (formerly Eve Ensler), playwrights, activists, and the founder of Billion Rising. Release the issue. Featuring a series of works by Nazia, Alifa Akbar, Joan Cacciatore, Judith Clark, Chanel Dasylva, Juno Dawson, Jessica Fostercu, Shabnami Hashmi, Sal Jayaraman, Revo Masire and Agnes Paleio. It consists of poetry, essays and monologues. Laura Pearson, Francis Ryan, Emma Thompson, Terry Tempest Williams, Monique Wilson, V.

“I think of all the women and girls I’ve met all over the world. They see their bodies as places of danger, shameful bearers, and poisoned scorched landscapes. This year, we have achieved a billion rises for all women and the body of the earth, can move with the movement of light, and apologize for their power and grace. You can stand without fear, soar and free. The energy the world needs urgently. ”– V (formerly Eveensler), dramatist, 1 billion Rising and founder of V-Day.

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A series of Rising Video Statements from the OBR Coordinator: In the course of the campaign, a short video from the Billion Rising Global Coordinator was released via social media to share their work with local activists and connect them with activists around the world. increase. These works inspire, inspire and urgently call for action in the 2022 Global Campaign.

Global Rising, Stage Setting: A launch event was held in late 2021 to invite and participate in the community prior to the February rising event. Activists from 31 countries launched more than 100 times in late 2021 Various communities and groups such as OBR activists, artists, survivors, farmers, medical workers, indigenous communities, lgbtqi + communities, men, youth, domestic workers, migrant workers, media, internally displaced persons, minority groups, etc. I am involved.

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About V-Day: V-Day is a global activist movement to end violence against all women (cisgender, transgender, gender incompatibility), girls and the planet. V-Day believes that the fusion of art and activism has the power to transform systems and culture.

Activists focus on the crossroads of class, race, gender, environmental destruction, imperialism, militarism, patriarchy, poverty, and war. Women face abuse and exploitation across layers of organizational and social oppression, and the most marginalized and excluded people often face increasing levels. Of violence.

Theatrical performance of Founder V (formerly Eve Ensler) Vaginal monologue Other works are performed worldwide by local activists, survivors and artists, raising over $ 120 million for grassroots anti-violence groups, rape crisis centers, domestic violence shelters and safe homes. , Shattering taboos and changing the way activists change. In their community. Today, V-Day’s work includes the City of Joy, a revolutionary center for female survivors of gender violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, who have graduated from more than 1,700 female leaders. One billion rising, the biggest mass action in history calling for the end of violence against women. and Voices is a new interdisciplinary performance art project, a campaign based on the story of a black woman. V-Day Unifying the vision of ending violence against women: Sith women, trans women, and non-dual people across the African Continent and the African Diaspora. V-Day, City of Joy, the Rise and Voice of a Billion, Global to Stop Gender-Based Violence by Attacking Public and Private Silence That Allows Continued Violence Against Women It’s an important part of the fight.

V-Day activists around the world, with ingenuity and determination, continue to work tirelessly to end harassment, rape, batteries, incest, female genital mutilation, and sexual slavery. For more information, please visit:

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