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Paige DeSorbo reveals how Craig reacted to the 7.5 out of 10 rating

CelebritiesPaige DeSorbo reveals how Craig reacted to the 7.5 out of 10 rating

Should Bravo fans be worried? Paige DeSorbo And craig conover, summer house The star expressed concern when she told Andy Cohen she was at 7.5 out of 10 when it comes to southern charm The star is one.

“First of all, people don’t understand that when Andy’s talking to you, I immediately freeze up. So, like, every question I’m like, ‘Ah, and then I just say something,’ “30 The year-old reality star recently explained on an episode of “The Toast” podcast. “Right when the 7.5 came out of my mouth, I was like, ‘Oh my god, Craig is going to be so sad.’ If Craig had said 7.5, I would have cut ties with him immediately.

DeSorbo said Cohen’s phrase during the April 10 episode look what happens to andy cohen That tipped her off, explaining: “It was like, ‘How likely are you that Craig is going to be the person you’re going to marry? Is that it for you? 1 to 10.’ I went in the middle, I don’t know!

after her costars ciara miller Told she was “going to answer Craig,” DeSorbo explained to podcast host Claudia O’Sheary that she called her boyfriend “immediately.”

Paige DeSorbo reveals how Craig Conover reacted to rating her a 7 on 5 out of 10
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“He didn’t see it. And I was like, ‘Look what I said.’ Basically, he was like, ‘I know you’re an idiot,'” she quipped. “I know. You got confused and I know your humour.’ So nothing happened between me and Craig, but people got very upset.”

DeSorbo and Conover have been linked through the summer of 2021, making their romance official. during a recent episode summer houseFilmed in August 2022, the fashionista got visibly emotional while discussing her situation as the Charleston native brought about changes in their long-distance relationship.

“We [previously] discussed [that] It’ll be in Charleston when we calm down. How do we get there?” Conover said. “We never talked about the middle chapters.”

He was surprised when DeSorbo said she wanted to “date another year before you propose,” adding that she was not ready to give up her life in New York City.

“It would be amazing if you propose to me tomorrow. But then it would immediately start the ‘when are you going down’ clock? When are you planning your wedding?’ If you proposed right now in this f–king hoedown with a piece of grass, I would say yes,” she said. “But it’s a lot. I’ll be changing my whole life. I’ll be changing more than you. I’ll be changing my whole life. … I don’t have any friends in Charleston. My family [is] in New York. I don’t want to leave my mother.”

Conover comforted his girlfriend, saying, “Baby, it’s going to be okay. Maybe I’ll come to New York. If it’s for you, I will.”

Next week, DeSorbo joked on the Monday, April 17 episode of summer house His advice to girls to get out of conversations about a possible hookup with their boyfriend is to “cry”.

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