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Vera Wang has become famous for her casual approach to style and luxury. Native New Yorkers have a history of designing clothes that are easy to love, wear, and buy.

That ease was the basis of the Simply Vera Vera Wang collection released in the 2000s. This line has benefited stylishly designed budget shoppers and Coles.

Sadly, the heyday of King’s “Simply” lineup seems to be over. You can still find wearable styles — I share some below — but they lack personality.

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Don’t get me wrong. I love the easy-to-wear blouse with flattering dolman sleeves.However Simply Bella Collection Today, unlike 10 years ago, it’s not memorable. When I browse the styles online at Coles, I feel like Mr. Wang hasn’t seen anything like this for years. Maybe she doesn’t know that something like this has her name on it.

What’s wrong with Simply Bella?

From a practical point of view, the choice of pieces is sparse. To make matters worse, the best styles are out of stock. I was excited about the crop pants, but found one size XXL petit. Product reviews aren’t consistently good either — this tells me that the quality of the product may have deteriorated.

A woman wearing an olive green twisted dress.

Solid Twist Dress-19 $ Plus Shipping Buy Bernie..

Photos of those days and now

The following two photos are from the 2011 Simply Vera Vera Wang Spring Collection.

And this is SVVW’s Spring 2022 collection. It’s not the same.

How to shop for Simply Wrasses

If you like Coles and Vera Wang and have some patience, you can find Simply Vera’s work at a great price. The warnings are:

  • Don’t buy Simply Vera in anticipation of anything other than the basics.. Simple blouses, leggings and oversized sweaters. There are few dresses and skirts.
  • Buy clearance.. The clearance discount is impressive. The crop pants I liked were discounted from $ 44 to $ 14. In many cases, you can combine Kohl coupon codes to save even more on items that are already discounted.
  • If you need a king’s fix, check your home decor selection.. It may be easier to find what you like from your home decor lineup and clothing collection.

What to wear from Simply Bella

1. Nightwear

Simply Vera Vera Wang's sleep shirt.

I only want this negligee It was a dress that I could wear outside. The lavender pattern will make a great addition to my spring spin. Ah, no way. It is a light rayon that floats too much to be handed over as a dress. You can wear it as a top on top of leggings, but the wide sleeves shout “Negligee!”.

2. Floral jacquard tea

A model wearing a simple velvet black jacquard top.

this T-shirt We can handle a wide range of opportunities. Wear it with jeans to style your most casual days. For example, it replaces your favorite 5k finisher T-shirt. You can also wear it under a blazer or cardigan or over a casual skirt.

The regular price is $ 36, which is a high price for this piece. Wait until it goes on sale, or better, buy it with Cole Cash.

3. Patterned blouse

The model is wearing a Simply Vera patterned blouse.

This patterned blouse It’s a more dressy touch than a jacquard tea, but it’s just as versatile. It’s as clean on skinny jeans as the bottom layer of the office. The V-neck and slight gathers on the shoulders provide softness and blend well with the lightweight polyester material.

Choose from multiple colors and patterns of sizes XS to XL. I like Mini Blossom and Lotus Pink the most.

4. High waist shorts

Simply Vera Vera Wang high waist shorts.

lightweight High waist shorts It combines the feel of a skirt with the safety of shorts. If you find something that lands just above your shorts, top them with a tank or crop pushed into your shorts to show off the waist of these paper bags.

Coles has this style in regular and plus sizes, at a low price of $ 16.

5. Cropped jeans

Simply Bella cropped jeans.

Cropped jeans If your full jeans feel too hot, but your shorts aren’t ready, it’s a fun alternative to spring. This style features versatile flattering straight legs and a discreet dark wash. Around all, this is a good buy at a selling price of $ 30.

6. Jersey top with side ties

Simply Vera jersey top with side tie.

This is another piece to upgrade your casual outfit. Feminine than a plain T-shirt, but just as comfortable. Top It features a dolman sleeve and side tie shirring on one hip. The side tie retains the shape of the garment so you don’t have to push or rearrange it all day long.

The usual $ 36 price is high, but it’s more comfortable and sells for $ 25.

7. Red T-shirt

The model is wearing a Simply Vera Vera Wang red T-shirt.

There are many upgraded T-shirts, right? I know. It goes back to my previous observation that the Simply Vera Vera Wang collection is lacking in width. All pants look the same and there are few dresses — it leaves us tops. And the line is heavy with casual tops. Well, at least some of them are cute, aren’t they?

This red T-shirt has a soft, feminine shape, a lightweight feel, and is cut because it sells for $ 10. I buy at least a few T-shirts at that price every spring season. So this could be the next on my list:

What do you think?

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