‘Periods for Pence’ Follows Trump VP into National Spotlight

(Woman) — Who would consider calling a campaign for Donald Trump and his brand new running mate, Governor of Indiana Mike Pence, for advice on menstruation?

The answer is Pence periodA spontaneous and satirical outbreak on social media that began in Indiana last March and is now receiving national attention with Trump’s announcement of Pence on July 15. Hard-lined abortion partnerAs a running mate.

Pence period

July 17, pence period, New York Times front page article About the central role of the Governor of Indiana in the abortion war.

The story went on STAT article On July 15th, how a woman began calling for a Trump campaign with intimate questions and comments about reproductive health in response to her choice of Pence as her running mate. He also reported on the start of two social media initiatives. Trump tamponAttracted more than 670 followers in the first 3 days.

The announcement of Pence’s Trump as a running mate has brought the governor’s track record on reproductive health to the surface.

Andrea Frazier, writer of rompers, a news site for millennial mothers, writes that Pence’s long-standing efforts to reimburse planned parent-child relationships have contributed. Indiana’s Current HIV Crisis..

Rewire says Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, points out that he is under surveillance as Governor of Pence. Purvi Patel was Judgment 20 years in prison for attempting an abortion.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign, meanwhile, caught Trump’s choice of Pence as a signal that the presidential election was trying to ignite the abortion issue.

The Clinton campaign sets a record for Pence’s abortionFive things you need to know about Donald Trump’s new running mate, Mike Pence.

Following the announcement of running mate Trump, there is increasing suspense about who Clinton will choose in the next few days, and ABC News reports on her. Top 5 candidates..

The Pence period began after Pence signed the law on March 24, with over 68,000 likes on Facebook and 4,700 followers on Twitter. HEA 1337A bill that completely outlaws many forms of abortion and requires the burial of the body of an aborted fetus.The bill was suspended by Federal judge In response to Proceedings Submitted by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of the planned parent-child relationship between Indiana and Kentucky.

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