Periyachi Goddess – The Protector of Women

Periyachi Goddess

Periyachi Goddess is a prominent deity in Tamil Nadu, India, who is revered as the protector of women. She is considered a fierce goddess who protects women from evil forces and ensures their well-being. The legend of Periyachi is deeply rooted in Tamil culture and has been passed down through generations. In this article, we will explore the history and significance of Periyachi Goddess and her relevance in modern times.

The Origin of Periyachi Goddess

Historical Background

The origins of Periyachi Goddess are shrouded in mystery and folklore. Some scholars believe that she may have originated from the Dravidian goddesses who were worshipped by the ancient Tamils. Others suggest that Periyachi is a later addition to the Tamil pantheon and was possibly influenced by the worship of the goddess Kali in other parts of India.

Interpretation of the Name “Periyachi”

The name “Periyachi” is derived from the Tamil words “Periya” and “Aachi.” “Periya” means big or large, while “Aachi” is a term of respect used to address women. Therefore, Periyachi can be interpreted as “the big or powerful mother.”

The Legend of Periyachi

The Birth of Periyachi

According to legend, Periyachi was born to a low-caste woman named Kooththai and her husband, who was a hunter. Kooththai was mocked and ostracized by the villagers for her low caste and her association with her husband’s profession. One day, while Kooththai was pregnant, she was chased by a group of men who wanted to harm her. She ran into the forest and sought the help of a goddess who lived there.

The goddess took pity on Kooththai and gave her a magical fruit that would protect her and her child. Kooththai ate the fruit, and soon after, she gave birth to Periyachi. Periyachi was born with extraordinary powers, including the ability to control fire and wield a sword.

The Powers of Periyachi

Periyachi’s powers were formidable, and she was feared by evil spirits and demons. She was said to be able to control the elements and could summon storms and earthquakes to destroy her enemies. Periyachi was also a skilled warrior and was often depicted carrying a sword or trident.

The Battle of Periyachi

Periyachi’s most famous battle was against a demon named Vakiravana. Vakiravana was a fearsome demon who had the power to kidnap young girls and take them to his lair in the mountains. He had been terrorizing the villagers for years, and no one had been able to defeat him.

Periyachi took up the challenge and set out to defeat Vakiravana. She battled him for three days and three nights, and on the final day, she emerged victorious. She killed Vakiravana and freed all the girls he had kidnapped. The villagers were overjoyed, and they began to worship Periyachi as their protector.

The Worship of Periyachi

Temples Dedicated to Periyachi

Periyachi is worshipped in many temples throughout Tamil Nadu. The most famous of these is the Periyachi Amman Temple in Thanjavur, which is believed to have been built over 1000 years ago. The temple is dedicated to Periyachi and is a popular destination for devotees who come to offer prayers and seek her blessings.

Festivals Celebrated in Honor of Periyachi

Several festivals are celebrated in honor of Periyachi throughout the year. The most important of these is the Adiperukku festival, which is celebrated in July-August. The festival is dedicated to the goddess of water, and Periyachi is worshipped as the protector of the rivers and streams.

The Role of Periyachi in Tamil Culture

Periyachi in Folklore

Periyachi is a popular figure in Tamil folklore, and her

legends and stories have been passed down through generations. She is often depicted as a fierce protector of the oppressed and downtrodden, and her stories are often used to inspire courage and strength in people facing difficult situations.

Periyachi in Modern Times

In modern times, Periyachi continues to be an important figure in Tamil culture. She is often invoked in times of trouble, and her blessings are sought for protection and prosperity. Many people also believe that Periyachi has the power to cure illnesses and ward off evil spirits.


Is Periyachi a Hindu goddess?

While Periyachi is primarily worshipped by Hindus in Tamil Nadu, her origins and beliefs surrounding her worship are distinct from traditional Hinduism.

What is the significance of Periyachi in Tamil culture?

Periyachi is an important figure in Tamil culture and is revered as a powerful protector of the oppressed and downtrodden.

What festivals are celebrated in honor of Periyachi?

The Adiperukku festival is the most important festival celebrated in honor of Periyachi. It is celebrated in July-August and is dedicated to the goddess of water.


Periyachi Goddess is a fascinating and powerful figure in Tamil culture. Her stories and legends have inspired courage and strength in people for centuries, and her worship continues to be an important part of Tamil Nadu’s rich cultural heritage. Whether she is worshipped as a protector of the oppressed, a warrior against evil, or a healer of the sick, Periyachi remains a beloved and revered figure in Tamil culture today.

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