Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Might Be “Part-Time Royals” Soon

As someone who has even seen the trailer crown The royal drama isn’t new, but it feels like it’s been on the rise in recent years. Few of the things that make all the headlines that the company has experienced in the last few years and fuel the feud are more polarized or discussed. Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s Royal Exit..

In 2020 for those who need reminders Harry and Megan They have announced their decision to withdraw from the obligations associated with working in the royal family and move their families to California. Queen Although not openly opposed to the couple’s decision, she quickly determined that being an active royal family was a kind of all-or-nothing gig and continued to represent Harry and Megan’s monarchy. Work with backers who are alleged to have shot down the request (and publicly stated wishes).

According to royal writer Tom Quinn, Harry and Megan may see the part-time royal dream scenario come true. Prince Charles becomes king..

“Meghan and Harry believe that when the royal family of elders, Elizabeth, died, they could come back when Charles was king and become the part-time royal family they really wanted. Quinn insisted (quoting sources from Intel’s palace). Every day Podcast.. “To be 6 months [being] 6 months working in the royal family and wherever you are in the United States or doing your own thing. “

FWIW, this is Harry and Megan their Announcement of royal exit in January 2020They wrote:

“After months of reflection and internal discussions, we have chosen to open up a progressive new role within the institution this year. We have resigned as” senior “members of the royal family and have made Her Majesty the Queen. It is financially independent while continuing to provide full support. It is your encouragement, especially in the last few years, that you feel ready to make this adjustment. We are now planning to balance and continue the time between the UK and North America. Respect our obligations to the Queen, the Commonwealth, and her patrons. “

The Queen gave Harry and Megan a year and decided that the royal exit would decide if they wanted to be permanent (spoiler note: they did) and February 2021. To Buckingham Palace issued a statement The royal family explained that they were “sunk in sadness” by the decision of Sussexes and the sponsorship of the couple. Harry’s prestigious military title It was reassigned to another royal family who had not moved out.

“Following the conversation with the Duke, the Queen wrote to confirm that it is impossible to continue the responsibilities and obligations associated with the life of the royal family when leaving the royal work. The appointment of the Honorary Army and the royal family. Sponsorship Therefore, what was held by the Duchess and the Duchess will be returned to His Majesty before being redistributed to active members of the royal family. ”

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