Queen Elizabeth and Prince Harry Won’t Attend Some Royal Events

Two important events on the Royal Calendar will be missing senior family members later this month.

Buckingham Palace today Queen Elizabeth I asked Prince Charles to attend the Commonwealth Day service on Monday in London.

Royal Sauce says The monarch’s decision is accompanied by “regret,” following a personal debate surrounding her comfort of traveling from Windsor Castle to Westminster Abbey for more than an hour for service.Not so, they say Related to all illnesses..

Thanksgiving service on March 29 The life of Prince Phillip It will also be one royal down. The spokesperson for the Duke of Sussex and the Duchess Bazaar That Prince Harry I’m not visiting London this month, but I want to see his grandmother “as soon as possible”.

Harry’s departure from the United Kingdom may be related to the fact that the judge has not yet decided on the Duke’s legal objection to the British Home Office regarding his security arrangements.

Last month, his statutory agent, Shaheed Fatima QC, told the High Court that Harry could not feel safe in the UK without proper police protection. “This claim, given the security arrangements applied to him in June 2021, he did not feel safe when he was in the UK and he decided to come back. It’s about the fact that it continues to apply to Fatima. ” Said..

Despite the two absences, the other royal family attends both battles. March 14, Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. Prince William and the Duchess of Kate. And Queen’s cousin, Princess Alexandra, will participate in federal service focusing on the role that service plays in the lives of people and communities across the territory of 54 countries.

More families will come to the service of Prince Phillip, who died last April. The worship service at Westminster Abbey pays homage to the 99-year life of the Duke of Edinburgh and is one of the many major opportunities the Queen has on the Platinum Jubilee schedule.

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